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View Adcor 500S 

Adcor 500S

Thick, conformable, hydro-expansive waterstop for preventing water entry through joints in concrete sub-structures

View Adprufe 100 

Adprufe 100

Advanced admixture for integrally waterproof concrete structures

View Aerofil 1 

Aerofil 1

Low density, compressible, closed cell polyethylene filler for structural expansion joints and building facades

View Aerofil 2 

Aerofil 2

High density, compressible closed cell, polyethylene filler for movement joints in civil/structural works and water retaining structures

View Betec 350 

Betec 350

A waterproof compound used to seal tie-holes that are created by formwork tie bars

View BETEC Flex 


Two component, flexible, cemintitous coating for waterproofing/damp proofing of new and existing structures

View BETEC Plug 1 

BETEC Plug 1

Quick setting, cementitious, waterproof plugging compound

View BETEC Seal 


One component cementitious coating for waterproofing/damproofing of new and existing structures

View Bituthene 2000 

Bituthene 2000

Pre-formed self-adhesive rubber bitumen/HDPE damp-proof membrane

View Bituthene 3000 

Bituthene 3000

Self-adhesive rubber/bitumen polyethylene waterproof membrane for basements and sub-structures

View Bituthene 4000 

Bituthene 4000

Self-adhesive HDPE waterproofing membrane with enhanced bonding characteristics for use with B2 moisture tolerant primer

View Bituthene 4000 DW 

Bituthene 4000 DW

Cold applied, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane for roofs of drinking water structures, for use with Primer B2

View Bituthene 8000 

Bituthene 8000

Advanced, Gas resistant - methane, Co2 and radon gas protection self-adhesive water and vapour proof membrane

View Bituthene 8000 HC 

Bituthene 8000 HC

Solar reflective, flexible self-adhesive water and vapour proof membrane for sub-structures in hot climates

View Bituthene LM 

Bituthene LM

Two component elastomeric liquid applied detailing compound for use with Grace waterproof membranes.

View Bituthene Mastic 

Bituthene Mastic

Two component elastomeric liquid applied detailing compound for use with Grace waterproof membranes

View Bituthene MR DPC 

Bituthene MR DPC

A Robust, methane and radon resistant, polyethylene and aluminium damp-proof course conforming to the requirements of BS 6515:1984.

View Bituthene MRX 

Bituthene MRX

Bituthene MRX is a methane, Co2 and radon resistant grade of Bituthene specifically designed to resist these harmful gases.

View Bituthene Protection Board 

Bituthene Protection Board

Bituminous board for permanent protection of Grace waterproof membranes applied to sub-structure walls

View Bituthene Tapes 

Bituthene Tapes

A range of self adhesive, cold applied, waterproofing tapes for exposed and covered flashings, membrane detailing and sealing

View Darapel 


Integral Water Repellent Admixture for Concrete

View Grace Protection Boards - Decks 

Grace Protection Boards - Decks

A range of protection boards to prevent damage to waterproofing membranes that have been applied to concrete decks

View Hydroduct CF 

Hydroduct CF

High density polyethylene combined cavity former and vapour barrier

View Hydroduct Horizontal Drainage Sheets 

Hydroduct Horizontal Drainage Sheets

Creep resistant geocomposite drainage sheets, providing highly efficient drainage to horizontal roofs and decks

View Hydroduct Liner PT 

Hydroduct Liner PT

Preformed studded polyethylene sheet for lining damp structures for use with insitu plaster, render or dry lining

View Hydroduct Vertical Drainage Sheets 

Hydroduct Vertical Drainage Sheets

Creep resistant geocomposite drainage sheets, providing highly efficient drainage to horizontal roofs and decks

View Hydroduct® 401,501 & Hydroduct® Root Barrier 

Hydroduct® 401,501 & Hydroduct® Root Barrier

Composite drainage sheets for all types of green roofs

View Insupak 2 

Insupak 2

Insupak 2 is an extruded closed cell polystyrene insulation board with lap jointed edges. Insupak 2 has low thermal conductivity, low water absorption and is available in a range of compressive strengths.

View Pieri AGP Glue PU 

Pieri AGP Glue PU

Adhesive for fixing elastomeric formliners (AGP10B, 60R, 100G) on timber and metal formwork.

View Preprufe 300R & 160R 

Preprufe 300R & 160R

Pre-applied waterproof membranes that develop an adhesive bond to poured concrete to prevent water migration. For use below slabs and on basement walls

View Procor 10/20 

Procor 10/20

Trowel applied, two component liquid waterproofing membrane for sub-structure walls

View Procor 75 

Procor 75

High productivity, sprayed liquid waterproofing for substructure walls and concrete decks

View Procor Deck System 4R 

Procor Deck System 4R

Spray or trowel applied, liquid waterproofing for inverted roofs and insulated decks above habitable accommodation

View Serviband 


Flexible joint system for buried movement joints in concrete decks

View Servidek / Servipak System 

Servidek / Servipak System

Liquid applied structural waterproofing for concrete and steel bridge and trafficked decks

View Serviflex 


Long lasting, reinforced mechanical bridge expansion joints with armoured skid resistant aluminium riding plate

View Servigard DW 

Servigard DW

Cementitious, flexible, moisture tolerant sealant for construction joints in reinforced and precast concrete

View Servirufe Traffic Deck System 

Servirufe Traffic Deck System

A Cold-applied, concrete deck waterproofing system combining sheet and liquid membranes.

View Serviseal 


External PVC waterstop system for passive protection of expansion, construction and contraction joints in reinforced concrete structures

View Servistrip AH 205 

Servistrip AH 205

Solid, active jointing strip which swells when exposed to water to prevent leak paths in concrete

View Servitite 


A range of high performance, internal PVC waterstops for passive protection of critical joints in reinforced concrete structures.

View Servitite AT System 

Servitite AT System

High security PVC waterstop system with co-extruded hydrophilic bulbs to provide a unique combination of active and passive protection for joints in concrete

View Slipstrip 2 

Slipstrip 2

Low capacity bearing slips made from dense extruded polyethylene sheet for fixed end rotation joints or as a low friction, structural slip membrane

View Solarshield 


A Textured aluminium sheet combined with a self-adhesive rubber/bitumen compound suitable for exposed flashings.