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View Conbextra EPR 

Conbextra EPR

Epoxy resin free-flow grouting for gap thicknesses from 10 to 120 mm

View Conbextra GP 

Conbextra GP

General purpose non-shrink cementitious grout for gap thicknesses 10 to 75 mm

View Conbextra HF 

Conbextra HF

High flow non-shrink cementitious grout for gap thicknesses 10 to 100 mm

View Conbextra LJ 

Conbextra LJ

Cementitious Grout designed specifically for use with Galvashield LJ

View Conbextra TS 

Conbextra TS

Shrinkage compensated cementitious aggregate filled grout used to grout gap thicknesses 75-500 mm.

View Conbextra UW 

Conbextra UW

Non-shrink cementitious grout for underwater installations

View Concure RB90 

Concure RB90

High quality, resin based, concrete curing compound

View Conplast 13 

Conplast 13

Lightweight concrete pumping admixture

View Conplast AE316 

Conplast AE316

High performance air entraining admixture

View Conplast AE380 

Conplast AE380

Air entraining admixture