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Resapol relaunches website- an interview with Sean Ofsarnie

7 September, 2018

Resapol, a leading construction chemicals manufacturing company based in Manchester and across the UK is delighted to officially announce the relaunch of its website.

Director, Sean Ofsarnie, is excited to talk about the new website and what it means for both the business and its customers.

Why has the new website been launched?

We have worked hard to launch this website to benefit our customers and to respond to their growing needs from our company. Resapol has already enjoyed a rapid period of accelerated growth and we are now strengthening the way that we engage and communicate with our customers digitally, in order to support our commitment to excellent service. We know that digital growth is the future – many of our customers heavily rely on digital tools and platforms and we are committed to giving them what they want!

How was it developed?

We partnered with an excellent website design agency called the ADEO Group who worked closely with us to create and build a bespoke website that was designed around the unique needs of our customers. The team at ADEO includes designers, coders, marketers and developers and like our own employees, they are commercial in nature and passionate about what they do. Their skilled team of digital professionals worked with our own sales and marketing teams in order to establish our goals and aspirations of the website and then created customer journeys, user personas and other tools that ensure the finished product would deliver the exact experience that our customers want to see from Resapol.

What can customers expect from the new site?

The new website launched officially in July and our analytics show that it is already being well used. Our visitors can see the full range of Resapol products and buy them online in just a few simple steps – whether they are using a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The site is simple to use, beautiful to look at, streamlined and optimised for mobile devices. There are also brochures to download, information about the company, insights into our products and plenty more to explore! Now that the website is live, we are working heavily to optimise our SEO so that Google can rank the site highly for the terms our users typically search for, and to ensure that customers looking for construction products will be directed to the new website.

Is the website project now finished?

Absolutely not! Although it is now live, we are committed to continuing to develop the website in line with what our users want to see and the changing availability of new technologies and SEO requirements. We are continuing to work with ADEO to develop new features, which include an account-based feature that will allow new and long-standing customers alike to log in to their own private account areas. Once signed in, customers are able to view their individual price bands that are applicable to them on a special offer basis. Because our business is complex, we have initially launched a streamlined version of the website, in the near future customers will see a range of options on how they receive their orders. At the same time, ongoing work is happening to refine the look and feel of the website and to add fresh content on a daily basis, so that every listed product has the maximum amount of product information and literature that we know our customers value. We are asking our users to help us to continue to improve this aspect of the website. If you spot anything that is missing or not working as it should be, please email our team and we will fix it ASAP!

Last but not least, what makes Resapol a special company in your eyes?

Today we are talking about our digital investment, but our real key to success is our people. My role is to motivate our people and to ensure they are engaged and bought into our vision and values. I work hard to inspire them to deliver the best possible service and experiences to our customers as possible, and our business is set up to reward staff who go above and beyond! We also invest in great talent and develop our people with the finest training and development programmes possible, helping to build a growing business and to support our success to date. With dreams of becoming a global brand, there is no end to our vision, passion and hard work!

About Resapol

Resapol sells construction chemicals from depots across the UK, offering a vast selection of industry products with extremely rapid delivery, which is often on a same or next day basis in the majority of postcodes. Resapol already dominates the market niche in which it operates and the company turns over many millions of pounds annually as a result. Company Director Sean Ofsarnie is committed to excellent customer service and efficient business operation which keeps prices low for customers, maintains excellent product quality and ensures that the business can continue to grow in a sustainable way. As a result, Resapol is investing heavily in its digital business capabilities, which include the development and launch of the new website. Sean’s vision is now to grow the company from its ‘large and successful’ position to a global brand in its sector; leveraging the power of technology as one of the drivers that will achieve this goal.