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The ultimate guide to Five Star Products

23 July, 2018

Five Star is a range of grouts, coatings, adhesives and concrete restoration products from leading manufacturer, weber. The company has established a reputation for producing products that meet the ever-increasing demands of the construction industry. So no matter if you”re working on a leading engineering project or building a small extension, the Five Star range of products are materials that you can rely on.

But the Five Star range is vast and covers a selection of products designed to solve a number of structural defects and installation problems. So in our ultimate guide to Five Star products, we are going to take a closer look at each of the materials in the range.

Five Star Grout

Five Star Grout is a premixed cementitious grout developed specifically for applications where a cost-effective grout with good strength and flow-rate is required. Five Star Grout is formulated from a combination of Portland Cement, graded aggregates and specific Five Star admixtures including specially blended carbon to create a grout that is easy to apply and sets quickly.

The unique formulation conforms to ASTM C827 Early Volume Change of Cementitious Mixtures without using traditional elements such as aluminium, iron or other additives, eliminating the risk of dimensional instability, staining and corrosion. Five Star Grout is designed as a flowing grout, but can also be applied with a trowel or as dry pack mortar. It is particularly suitable as a fixing grout for stanchion plates, fixing bolts, balustrades and crash barriers.

Five Star Repair Concrete

Five Star Repair Concrete is a high strength cementitious repair concrete which complies with Department of Transport specification BD 27/86 and the Highways Agency Specifications for Highway Works. The formulation contains a low soluble alkali cement content and non-reactive aggregates making it suitable for applications where cathodic protection (CP) will subsequently be applied.

Five Star Repair Concrete can be applied in a range of thicknesses, with a minimum thickness of 15mm making it suitable for a range of applications including the permanent repair of concrete structures such as balconies, stairs, car parking areas and even bridges. The quick flowing nature of the product also makes it suitable for areas which contain congested reinforcement such as concrete pillars and beams.

Five Star Repair Concrete CP

Five Star Repair Concrete CP is a non-reactive, pre-blended cementitious, high-flowing concrete which complies with the Highways Agency Specifications for highway works class 29F. The formulation contains low soluble-alkali cement content which gives it excellent electrical resistivity, making it suitable for applications where cathodic protection (CP) is required.

Once applied, Five Star Repair Concrete CP forms an integral bond to existing concrete, restoring structural integrity quickly and cost-effectively. The product can also be applied at varying thicknesses providing flexibility for all types of applications. As a free-flowing concrete, it is particularly suitable for repairing areas that contain congested reinforcements such as concrete columns, beams, walls and soffits.

Five Star Grout Fast Set

Five Star Grout Fast Set is a rapid setting, premixed cement which uses a special non-metallic additive to provide shrinkage compensation. The ultra-fast setting cement takes between 15 and 45 minutes to set, depending on the ambient temperature. And because Five Star Grout Fast Set does not contain aluminium or iron additives it is both non-staining and dimensionally stable, making it suitable for a range of site conditions.

Five Star Grout is factory blended to reduce on-site errors and has excellent flow properties. This allows the product to be pumped or trowelled depending on the application, making it particularly suitable for infilling holes, voids and honeycombed concrete or for the rapid bedding of pads, railway sleepers and bearing plates. No wonder then Five Star Grout has been approved for use on the London Underground for more than a decade.

Five Star Grout SP

Five Star Grout SP is a premixed grout developed for applications that require good flow rates but with higher strengths than standard Five Star Grout. Formulated from specially selected Portland Cements, aggregates and a unique blend of admixtures, Five Star Grout SP fully conforms to ASTM C827 Early Volume Change of Cementitious Mixtures without containing aluminium, iron or other additives to provide non-shrink characteristics. This makes Five Star Grout SP suitable for applications where dimensional stability is required.

Five Star Grout can be applied under a number of site conditions and temperatures including HA specification Clause 2601.4 at 5 °C and 20 °C. This makes it suitable for most applications including underpinning, grouting rails, bridge bearings and void filling. The product is designed to be flowing grout but can be trowelled if necessary and with high initial and long-term strength development, it is sure to provide a long-lasting reliable grout for even the most demanding applications.

With over five decades of experience supplying the construction industry and its products used everywhere from large-scale civil engineering projects like Crossrail to small-scale renovation projects, it is easy to see why Five Star Products are the first choice for building contractors of all shapes and sizes. Five Star’s products are proven to deliver high levels of performance under all types of stress and load. So if you”re looking for a high-performance grout for your next project you should consider using Five Star Products.

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