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Filoseal+HD 75mm-110mm Duct Sealing Kit

Filoseal+HD 75mm-110mm Duct Sealing Kit

SKU: 099FS+HD75-110K
£100.70 EX VAT

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Product Information
Safety Datasheet

Description :

Duct sealing system FiloSeal+HD is an eginnered universal solution for sealing larger heavy cables and pipes in ducts, boreholes or transit frames.

Features & Benefits :

  • Flexible, one component, adhesive and sealing compound in a cartridge -
  • High levels of Gas and Water tightness
  • Excellent adhesion, applicable to all common building materials
  • Shows Fire resistance properties
  • Resistant against Water, Alkaline, Chemical agents
  • Resistant to termites (Mastotermes Darwiniensis)
  • Northern Australian
  • Resistant to Rats
  • Resistant to Hydrogen Sulphide / Methane and manother Gases (NedLab)
  • Non-corrosive
  • Solvent-free
  • Shock absorbing
  • Non-toxic, neutral and almost odourless
  • Also suitable for limiting the EX-zones during transitions (observe chemical
  • Complies with 2011 NEC Articles 225.27, 230.8, 300.5(G), 300.7 (A) on
  • Raceway Seals, and 501.15 (B)(2)
  • Suitable for any shaped duct/borehole/opening
  • WIMES Compliant (3.02 2013 b)
  • Quick and easy installation
  • A complete kit
  • Seals all know materials, PVC & PE sheathed cables, PILC, (HD) PE pipes
  • Engineering duct sealing solution
  • Suitable for renovations, can be installed retrospectively
    Over 25 years of operational experience