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A structural strengthening system consisting of high strength, high modulus, undirectional carbon fibre fabric and apoxy resins to impregnate and bond the fabric (FRP) covered by certificate of technical assessment (CVT) No. 206/2019 Class 210C.


This system is recommended for repairing and increasing the structural capacity of under-dimensioned or damaged elements and structures in reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and wood, to improve the flexural strength, shear strength, compressive confinement capacity and bending/compressive capacity of concrete and masonry elements and structures, to upgrade or improve the seismic capacity of structures in high-risk areas, to improve the characteristics of beam-pillar hinge points and to increase the ductility of confined elements.


  • Repairs and static and seismic upgrading of unstable or weak structures where the shear and tensile strength need to be supplemented;
  • Confining compressed and pre-stressed members (pillars, bridge piles, chimneys, etc.) to improve their load-bearing capacity or ductility.
  • Restoration work and seismic upgrading of arched and vaulted structures without increasing their mass and without the risk of liquids percolating towards the inner face.
  • Repairs to structures damaged by fire.
  • Strengthening load-bearing members in buildings whose structural system has been modified due to new architectural requirements or change in use.
  • Seismic upgrading of reinforced concrete industrial buildings.