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Sika Monotop 160 Migrating 25kg
Sika Monotop 160 Migrating 25kg Sika Monotop 160 Migrating 25kg

Sika Monotop 160 Migrating 25kg

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Product Information
Sika MonoTop®-160 Migrating is a 1-part, cementitious waterproofing slurry modified with selected aggregates and active chemicals.
The active components migrate within the concrete pore and capillary network and reacts with the available moisture and free lime to form a non-soluble crystalline structure within the network.
The slurry can be applied by brush or spray and provides a waterproof layer to prevent the penetration of water to all types of concrete structures.
- Waterproofing structures such as basements, retaining walls, lift pits etc
- Waterproofing concrete elements
- Positive and negative waterproofingAdvantages:
- Migration of active components and crystalline formation to seal capillary network
- 1-part system, only needs the addition of water
- Slurry consistency for easy and fast application by brush or low pressure spray method
- For positive and negative waterproofing
- Excellent adhesion to concrete
- Water vapour permeable
- Application on concrete and repair mortars