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Prime Flex 900 XLV is a low viscosity liquid resin that reacts with water and expands to form a closed cell, watertight foam. 900 XLV is used to seal actively leaking joints and cracks in concrete structures, particularly tight or hairline cracks. Material is typically injected under pressure through injection ports. This is a single-component, water-activated, hydrophilic, polyurethane injection resin.


  • Single-component; no catalyst or accelerators needed
  • Pump material straight out of the pail
  • Extremely tough and flexible. Can expand and contract parallel to the crack in varying temperatures.
  • Up to 600% expansion (unconfined)
  • Low viscosity will penetrate tight cracks


  • Crack injection to seal leaks, particularly structures subject to movement or vibration.
  • Curtain grouting manholes to seal cracks and penetrations
  • Soil binding for slough control and sidewall support

Example structures and settings:

  • Manholes, sanitary sewers
  • Dams
  • Underground concrete walls (foundations, car parks)
  • Tunnels
  • Lift service pits, utility vaults
  • Water treatment tanks