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Parex Crylane PG30 ( Colour ) 20kg

Parex Crylane PG30 ( Colour ) 20kg

SKU: 039CLPGC3020
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An acrylic binder paint specially designed for new and existing building façades with excellent coverage. Can be used pure or diluted with water.

Suitable Substrates :

  • Exterior and interior use.
  • For coating over one-coat coloured renders. Please note; There is
  • no colour correlation between a mineral render
  • colour and an acrylic binder paint so any colour matching will be a nearest match.
  • Always conduct a trial sample area first to check the colour meets your needs.
  • Suitable base coat renders.
  • PAREXDIRECT and PAREXTHERM render systems
  • In situ and pre-formed concrete.
  • Parex profiles.