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Case Study – Ashton Train Station Roof Refurbishment

9 November, 2023

MFG Construction, an existing customer of Resapol, embarked on a significant project for the full refurbishment of the roof on the platform at Ashton Train Station. This renovation included the application of a full waterproofing and screed system to the stations substantial roof.

The Ashton Train Station roof refurbishment project began with an initial enquiry to Resapol in June 2021. The main contractor, MFG Construction, consistently communicated with Resapol throughout the project’s development stages to establish a suitable system and ensure the material’s delivery directly to the project site. The initial project specification included RIW LAC and the Sika roofing system, but they had not yet determined a suitable screed system.

Resapol played a pivotal role in recommending a cost-effective and professional screed system specification. We proposed the use of Mapei Topcem Pronto, a high-performance screed solution, to meet the project’s strict requirements. Additionally, we introduced Grade 2 Structural Repairs Ltd to the project, due to the requirement of the specialist application of Sikalastic Rapid 721. Sikalastic Rapid 721 is a product that required installation by an approved installer.

The Products

MFG selected products based on the project’s critical need for speed and a swift return to service. Key products used in the project included:

  • RIW LAC: A damp proof membrane that ensures effective protection against water ingress. It comes with a proven track record for nearly a century & is quick and easy to apply.
  • Sikalastic Rapid 721: A waterproofing membrane that is able to withstand mechanical stresses. The product was provided by Sika Liquid Plastics & was crucial due to its rapid curing capabilities. This allowed for an accelerated project timeline.
  • Mapei Topcem Pronto: A ready-to-use, controlled-shrinkage mortar with high thermal efficiency for quick drying screeds. An 8-ton application of this screed was chosen to meet the project’s demanding requirements, including rapid curing.

The choice of these products offered several key benefits. Most importantly was the easy of application of the RIW LAC & the speed of curing exhibited with Sikalastic Rapid 721. They played a pivotal role in accelerating the project timeline, allowing for a quicker return to service. The Mapei technical team also provided valuable technical advice on the application of Topcem Pronto. This ensured its optimal use in the project.

Ashton Train Station: stage 1 of the project.

Tony Brown, Quantity Surveyor at Grade 2 Structural Repairs Ltd, played a crucial role in efficiently and effectively coordinating the renovation project by liaising with Resapol and MFG Construction. The Ashton Train Station Roof Refurbishment project officially commenced on the 8th of May 2023 and concluded just under a month later on the 5th of June. This project is a prime example of the successful collaboration between Grade 2 Structural Repairs Ltd, MFG Construction, Sika Liquid Plastics, and Resapol. By carefully selecting the right products and leveraging the expertise of product manufacturers, we completed the project efficiently and met the customers’ requirements for speed and quality.