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Case Study – King James Court

20 September, 2021

Bondcote, a longstanding customer of Resapol, recently trialled the Sika Monotop-4012 material for the first stage of repair work at the King James Court project, which involved repairing two of the overhead rail archways & bridges. The repair was deemed essential due to the fact that several sites on the project featured exposed rebar, which needed immediate protection to ensure the safety and longevity of the project.

Members of the Bondcote team attended Sika Monotop training held at the Resapol Training Academy in Kent, the training involved in depth presentations and also featured hands on demonstrations of Sika Monotop-4012 and was a key influence in Bondcote’s decision to trial the product for the first stage of repair work.

Sika Monotop-4012 is a 1-part, cementitious, fibre reinforced, low shrinkage economically friendly repair mortar that notably contains recycled waste materials which reduces the carbon footprint. As time goes on more projects will specify the requirement of environmentally friendly materials. Bondcote took this as a perfect opportunity to stay ahead of the curve by beginning the transition to utilising more sustainable products within their repair work projects.

Sika Monotop-4012 is also easy to apply by either hand or via wet spray application. It is perfect for overhead applications as it features very low shrinkage behaviour and it does not require a bonding primer, making it the perfect material for the King James Court project.

Tom Brown, Resapol’s Regional Sales Manager for Concrete Repair in the South East, was on hand throughout the process in order to offer technical advice and assistance, as well as to arrange suitable delivery of the materials direct to site utilising Resapol’s fleet of delivery vehicles, helping to reduce any costly delays.

The repair work for the project was completed on Friday 3rd September and was deemed a complete success. Bondcote representatives were extremely impressed by the robust and effective nature of Sika Monotop-4012, as well as the great service provided by Resapol technical staff. Pete Box the Project Manager at Bondcote had this to say about Resapol’s service:

“Thanks again to everyone at Resapol for all of your kind help with the project, the materials and training that you have supplied for us to carry out this first stage of work. As you can see from the photographs, these were huge structural repairs undertaken by Bondcote and the new material worked incredibly well!”