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Waste Management with Biffa

27 January, 2021


An estimated 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enters the sea and an estimated 18 million tonnes of waste is sent to UK landfill sites each year. The UK government have been taking measures to improve rates of recycling and waste management by refreshing and renewing environmental policy. These measures support the commitment to double productivity and to eliminate avoidable waste, both by 2050.

In 2019 Resapol introduced more streamlined, simple and efficient methods of recycling to all of our national depots in order to reduce the amount of waste we produce. These methods have helped us to; become more environmentally friendly, achieve environmental compliance and improve recycling performance.

Waste has since been split into three separate categories and deposited into separate bins according to guidelines outlined by Biffa, Resapol’s waste management service. These measures fully came into play during 2020 and have yielded positive results, each depot has made improvements resulting in an overall increase in the amount of recycled waste Resapol has produced.

In 2021 we will look further improve upon these figures to ensure we help to reduce the amount of avoidable waste being sent into the ocean and to UK landfill sites each year.

Resapol’s Waste Management Statistics

A comparison between Resapol’s waste management data for 2019 & 2020.
Resapol’s waste management data, broken down by depot.