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How to pick the correct cleaning agents

21 May, 2024

As anyone who works in the construction industry will know, ensuring that you keep your projects clean and tidy is essential not just for a smooth job but also for client satisfaction.

Here at Resapol, we stock a wide range of cleaning agents designed for all sorts of commercial uses. In this blog, we’ll look at how to pick the correct cleaning agents for your task and keep your surroundings clean and tidy.

Different surfaces require different cleaning products. It’s generally unwise to take a risk on a product which doesn’t suit the material on which it gets applied. In some cases, this could lead to minor damage like rust – but in others – it could cause serious and irreparable harm. It is imperative to read the product label and Technical Datasheets to ensure that your product is suitable for use on the surface you have. Some products may even suggest testing a small area before full scale application.

Some cleaning agents can be used on a huge range of different surfaces, which makes them a handy and versatile product. For example, rbs Bluewash can be used on a variety of surfaces as a general purpose cleaning solvent, as well as an exceptional remover of polysulphide sealants from mastic guns. rbs Bluewash is also very economical, the concentrated strength and high solvency rate ensures only a small amount will remove a high level of polysulphide sealant.

Another example is Leoclean Standard, which is also suitable for use on a multitude of surfaces and also for a number of different uses. It is ideal as a heavy duty cleaner, removing mineral oil based marks such as bitumen, asphalt, grease and carbon as well as waxes, adhesives, uncured paint and varnish and oil based inks.

As it is a concentrated solution, it should be used sparingly – a little goes a long way!

rbs Bluewash & Leoclean Standard.

As well as surface compatibility, it is also worthwhile considering the products compatibility with cleaning equipment, such as pressure washers etc. It’s important to ensure that the cleaning agent won’t cause damage or malfunction to the equipment.

  • Powerful and effective – the powerful and effective dissolving action will rapidly remove heavy deposits of polysulphide sealants from mastic guns
  • Economic – concentrated strength and high solvency rate
    ensures only a small amount will remove a high level of polysulphide sealant
  • A cleaner and degreaser, formulated from derivatives of vegetable oils with a flash point in excess of 90°C
  • Replaces red diesel & chlorinated and paraffin based solvents in most applications, offering a safer alternative for effective cleaning and degreasing

As well as being designed to work on a particular group of surfaces, many cleaning agents are also designed to perform a specific task. Common contaminants can include dirt, grease, oil, paint, adhesives and construction debris. Select a cleaning agent that effectively targets the specific contaminants without causing damage to the surface.

Everbuild’s Salt Away is specifically formulated to remove salt and white efflorescence from bricks, stone and concrete. Efflorescence occurs when water-soluble salts present in the materials, or in the surrounding environment, are dissolved in water and transported through the porous structure via capillary action. As the water reaches the surface and evaporates, it leaves behind the salts, which then crystallize and form the characteristic white deposits.

Efflorescence is primarily a cosmetic issue and does not usually affect the structural integrity of the material. However, it can be unsightly and may indicate underlying issues such as excessive moisture infiltration or improper curing of concrete.

  • Biodegradable, safe formula
  • Works on walls, paths and patios
  • Pour, spray or brush on
How to pick the correct cleaning agents - Everbuild Salt Away in action.

We’re able to help many of our customers with their post-incident cleaning needs; but did you know that there are also many products out there which protect your walls, buildings and other surfaces from the elements from the very start? Many cleaning agents are able to defend surfaces against dirt and spills and prevent problems from arising altogether.

Graffiti is a common issue in urban areas throughout the UK and can very from significant in scale to small tags or scribbles. The cost of removal is a significant expense for local authorities and property owners in the UK and can easily amount to millions of pounds annually across the country. Graffiti can have negative effects on communities, including decreased property values, increased fear of crime, and a general sense of disorder. It can also deter tourism and investment in affected areas. Sikagard®-850, for example, is a permanent transparent coating designed to protect walls from unwelcomed recurring graffiti and posters. Once the wall is coated, graffiti can simply be washed away with cold water and a cloth – easy!

  • Permanent – graffiti can be removed many times without damaging the protection of requiring a refresher coat
  • Poster prevention – flyposter does not bond onto treated substrates
How to pick the correct cleaning agents - Sikagard®-850 in action.

It is a common misconception that all good quality cleaners need to contain acid, harsh chemicals and be highly corrosive. Not so true these days, there are a new breed of more environmentally friendly cleaners which still get the job done but are made from biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, minimising their impact on ecosystems.

Construction workers are often exposed to various pollutants and chemicals on the job site. By using environmentally friendly cleaning products, the risk of harmful fumes and residues are reduced, creating a safer work environment.

As the importance of sustainability has increased, more companies are aware of their carbon emissions; and by using more environmentally responsible products this can be effectively reduced. Therefore, demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility objectives.

rbs Condissolve for example, contains an organic, naturally occurring, plant based active ingredient that is excellent at breaking down bonds, dissolving and releasing hardening cement from common construction site surfaces. It is much safer than other products that are based on citric, hydrochloric, sulphuric and phosphoric acids.

  • Safe and ready to use
  • Low to no corrosion on most metals and surfaces
  • Fast acting and efficient
How to pick the correct cleaning agents - rbs Condissolve in action.

Most landscaping projects are vulnerable to the growth of certain problems like fungus, weeds and growth. It’s important to have a number of useful cleaning agents on hand to make sure these do not cause too many problems and protects expensive projects from future issues.

Sika® Mould Buster is a great choice for a powerful, fast acting solution which can be used on walls, patios, fences, roof, in face all exterior hard surfaces. It kills and removes mould and algae within a few days of application and prevents re-growth. So just dilute, spray and walk away.

rbs Greenpave Block Sealer SS is used to protect concrete and block paving, it resists the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and lichen growth. The addition of a joint stabilising solution prevents sand loss from joint and weed growth, lichen and grass.

How to pick the correct cleaning agents - mould stained wall.
  • No scrubbing or pressure washing required
  • Biodegradable – no bleaches or acids
  • Helps protects against early regrowth
  • Prevents the appearance of green mould
  • Hard wearing, durable and long lasting
  • One component system, good UV resistance

Here at Resapol, we’ve got plenty of experience in pairing up customers with the cleaning agents they need, and we’d love to help. We have depots strategically situated across the UK, so shipping to you is both quick and efficient.

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