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How to pick the correct cleaning agents

15 May, 2018

As anyone who works in the construction industry will know, ensuring that you keep your projects clean and tidy is essential not just for a smooth job but also for client satisfaction. Here at Resapol, we stock a wide range of cleaning agents designed for all sorts of commercial uses. In this piece, we’ll look at how to pick the right ones for your task and keep your surroundings clean and tidy.

Think about the material it will protect

Different surfaces require different cleaning products, it’s unwise to take a risk on a product which doesn’t suit the material on which it gets applied. In some cases, this could lead to minor damage like rust – but in others – it could cause serious and irreparable harm. Some cleaning agents can be used on a huge range of different surfaces, which makes them a handy and versatile product to have in your store cupboard. rbs Bluewash, for example, can be used on a variety of surfaces as a general purpose cleaning solvent, as well as an exceptional remover of polysulphide sealants from mastic guns. rbs Bluewash is also very economical, the concentraded strength and high solvency rate ensures only a small amount will remove a high level of polysulphide sealant. Others have more specific usages, such as Tensid Limestone Restorer – which is meant for use on unpolished limestone and a small number of other stone surfaces.

Consider the intended purpose

As well as being designed to work on a particular group of surfaces, many cleaning agents are also meant to perform a specific task. For that reason, it always pays to do your research before you invest in a cleaning agent – or you may find that you end up with one that doesn’t quite do your job justice. Everbuild”s Oil-Away, for example, does what it says on the tin: it is designed to remove oil from surfaces where it is commonly spilled. That makes it ideal for driveways and car parks, but not for a bathroom sink!

Check they won’t cause more damage

Cleaning up is supposed to prevent damage rather than cause more, but making the wrong choice when it comes to cleaning agents could bring on extra trouble. That’s why it’s sensible to read through all of the information before making a decision. RS HD Tyre Mark Remover for example, is a great product, but it’s a heavy-duty cleaner that usually only gets used on uPVC and epoxy screeds or coatings. But with many products available that are designed for use in a wide range of circumstances, you won’t always have to wade through lots of information to find out whether a product is suitable. Urban Hygiene”s Graffiti Wipes, for example, remove graffiti markings from all sorts of surfaces including painted ones. Many people are hesitant to use wipes like these on polycarbonate surfaces in case they cause the material they clean to appear “milky” or leave scratch marks, but these versatile wipes can be used almost everywhere.

Prevention is the best cure

We’re able to help many of our clients with their post-incident cleaning needs, but did you know that there are also many products out there which protect your walls, buildings and other surfaces from the elements from the very start? Many cleaning agents are able to defend surfaces against dirt and spills and prevent problems from arising altogether. Urban Hygiene”s Easy-on Protective Coating, for example, can protect walls and leave them needing only an occasional wipe for up to 20 years!

Not just for commercial use

While many cleaning agents tend to be picked up by the construction industry for systematic and repeated uses, there are lots of cleaning products that are also designed to be used in and around the home and garden. Many homeowners make use of Everbuild”s Salt-Away, a bio-degradable formula designed to be sprayed or poured on to all kinds of outdoor concrete based places such as pathways and patio areas.

Keep away growths and pests

Most projects are vulnerable to the growth of certain problems like fungus and mould, and for that reason, it pays to have a number of useful cleaning agents on hand to make sure you can defeat these pests before they cause too much trouble for your project. Aspira 3-Step Mould Repellent is a great choice as it can be used on almost any wall which may be at risk from microbes. Not only that, it has a high level of durability and a strong performance rating – so it’s a great choice to keep in the cupboard just in case problems arise. Are you interested in purchasing any of these products for your construction site or even just for your garage or shed at home? Here as Resapol, we’ve got plenty of experience in pairing up customers with the cleaning agents they need, and we’d love to help. We have eight depots across the UK, so shipping to you should be simple. Get in touch with us today to find out more.