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How to pick the correct concrete refurbishment materials

15 April, 2018

While concrete is durable and generally built to last, most structures will inevitably experience a bit of general wear-and-tear over the years – particularly those which are exposed to the elements. For this reason, concrete refurbishment is a necessity. Thankfully, Resapol stocks a variety of products designed to repair and protect cracks, surface scaling, physical impacts and chips. These products are designed with specific purposes in mind – so why not keep on reading to find the ideal solution for your concrete restoration and repairs?

Everbuild 203 Accelerator & Frostproofer

This chloride-free liquid mixture is designed to provide fast finishing times, even in cold weather. It”s useful for quickly repairing mortars, floor screeds, concrete and external/internal cement-based renders.

Everbuild PVA Bond

This medium-viscosity substance is used in the building industry as a general-purpose bonding agent. It improves adhesion to a wide range of substrates including tiles, steel, glass and dense concrete.

Aquatek Plug XS

This fast-setting plugging mortar is ideal for stopping seepage in joints and water leaks, and for filling honeycombing/holes in structures made of concrete, stone and masonry. It creates a permanent watertight seal, making it perfect for exterior/offshore use.

Ardex A45

Like most Ardex products, A45 is a rapid-drying slump-free mortar designed for internal repairs. It sets after just 15 minutes and is suitable for refacing internal concrete stair treads, risers and concrete floors. It can also be used to fill and patch cracks in concrete walls or to seal door and window frames.

Belzona 4141

This low-density, non-metallic aggregate is designed for the restoration and construction of archways, bridges, decorative moulds, window sills, walls and weathered stonework. It is extremely fast setting and all mixed materials should be used within 20 minutes.

Flexcrete Bonding Bridge 842

An advanced polymer surface impregnator, Bonding Bridge 842 is used to enhance the bond between highly-porous concrete and Flexcrete repair mortars. It should only be used in conjunction with other Flexcrete products.

Cemprotec MCI 2020

This surface-applied corrosion inhibitor is designed to make its way through concrete and protect steel reinforcements encased inside.

BASF Concresive 1380

As a low viscosity adhesive, Concresive 1380 is used for the structural rebonding of cracked concrete sections. It can also be applied as a filler to honeycombed grout or concrete. It is particularly useful for reinforcing and repairing structures in high-temperature areas.

Everbuild Contractors PVA

This multi-purpose cement filler, bonding agent and primer sealer is a great all-rounder which can be used as a general-purpose adhesive for cork, wood, paper and textiles. It also functions as an admixture for screeds/renders/mortar.

Dekguard Clear

This product is used to protect atmospherically-exposed reinforced concrete constructions from corrosion or attack by sulphates, oxygen, water, chloride and acids. It can also be used to protect masonry and other cementitious substrates.

BASF Emaco S103

A mixture of ground-granulated blast furnace slag and Portland cement, this non-reactive aggregate can be used to replace defective, damaged or deteriorated concrete. It has high durability and low permeability on account of its low water to cement ratio.

Everbuild Epoxyset 105

This three-part general-purpose repair mortar offers excellent chemical resistance and greater strength than traditional cement. It is most commonly used in the reparation and restoration of heavy traffic areas, walkways, ramps, steps and industrial floors.

Expocrete UA

A two-part epoxy resin mortar, Expocrete possesses outstanding strength and resistance to physical damage. It is particularly adept underwater and in exceptionally wet conditions, making it a popular choice for the maintenance and repair of seawalls, concrete jetties and submerged concrete.

Urban Hygiene Anti-Carbonation Paint

This wall covering has been specially formulated for the long-term protection and decoration of concrete and masonry. The microporous coating stops chlorides and carbon dioxide from coming into contact with the substrate but allows for water vapour to pass, essentially allowing the structure to breathe. Products

Weberfloor DPM

As a highly moisture-tolerant, damp-proof system, Weberfloor DPM helps to bond concrete surfaces – even when the concrete contains a high degree of moisture as it dries out. This helps permit the early overlaying with carpets, vinyl or resin-based product without having to observe a conventional “drying out” period – making it perfect for projects which are time-sensitive.


This material is used to strengthen reinforced timber, brickwork and concrete structures and increase load capacity. It can be used to repair or reinforce concrete to protect against vehicle collisions, blasts (due to accident or terrorism, for example), natural events (such as earthquakes or flooding) and more.

Steintec Tuffbond

A high-performance bonding and priming mortar, Steintec Tuffbond is designed for the permanent affixing of stone and precast concrete paving slabs suitable for all traffic conditions. To browse all these products and more, simply head over to the Concrete Refurbishment & Protection section of the Resapol site. For further help and advice, please do not hesitate to contact your local Resapol sales depot where our experienced team will be more than happy to assist.