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How to pick the correct flooring products.

20 April, 2018

Choosing the correct type of flooring products for your building project is incredibly important. It can be difficult to know what products are best suited to your particular flooring task, depending upon the type of flooring, materials used and where the flooring is situated. Below we explore some flooring products and best how to use them.

2-part levelling compound

This type of compound is suitable for levelling uneven wooden or concrete floors. A level floor is particularly important when laying tiles, as an uneven floor can cause them to crack. Self levelling floor compound can be used on both soft and hard floor coverings, such as timber, and for overheated floors. This floor levelling compound provides a smooth base for you to apply ceramic tiles, natural stone, wood and carpet. It is dry for traffic purposes within 3 hours, but ideally 48 hours are needed before applying a natural stone floor finish.

708 self-level floor compound

This is a quick acting and fast setting self levelling floor compound. The mixture will set in as little as 90 minutes, and can then have a floor surface applied in just 8 hours. This is an incredibly versatile floor leveller that can be used for the application of wood, tile, lino and carpet flooring. This is a free-flowing mixture that is very easy to apply and to trowel. It can cover depths of up to 6mm and is intended for indoor use.

Everbuild 709 floor flex plus

This is a rubber-based additive that is made for use with self levelling compound. This is to provide a stronger mix with some degree of flexibility in the sub floor. Ideally, this is best used when covering sound timber flooring. Everbuild floor flex plus replaces all water that is usually mixed with the floor levelling compound.

750 deep fill

This is a cement-based levelling compound that can level both screeds and sub floors to a depth of 50mm. Hence the name. This is best used on sub floors that are incredibly uneven. Once dried after 12 hours, a variety of flooring options can be laid including ceramic tile, wood and carpet. It is suitable only for indoor use and not as a final floor.

710 self level flexiplus

This is a cement-based floor leveller that is mixed with water to smooth and level floors to a depth of 6mm, ready for the final flooring surface to be applied. It can be used internally and externally, so is incredibly versatile. When used outside of a property, then it is suitable for use with asphalt. It is quick setting as it takes only 8 hours to fully dry.

203 accelerator and frostproofer

This accelerator and frostproofer has been designed to be used when you need to increase the setting times of mortar concretes, and screeds. Doing so will not only decrease the time that is required for it to set, but it will also protect the new flooring surface from cold frost, ensuring that it sets correctly. Designed for use in sub-zero temperatures, it can also be used in normal temperature settings.

403 concrete hardener and dustproofer

The inclusion of silicone resin in this concrete hardener ensures that the concrete floor is made to be extra hard and tough in high-traffic areas. It can be used directly on old concrete floors, or on newly applied concrete. It is incredibly hardwearing, and as such is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Once applied it is really quick to set and dries with a protective coating, that helps to stop the formation of efflorescence. Ideally, this is best used in the formation of concrete slabs, paving and cement-based floors in garages, factories and outdoor domestic settings. It does work very effectively with just one coat, but for best results a second coat is preferred.

Ardex A 23 screed

This is a cement that has been specifically designed to be a fast acting screed for internal use only. After only 48 hours, ceramic tiles can be directly applied to the surface, and natural stone can be laid only 72 hours after drying. This screed is ideal for when the flooring space needs to be fitted and used very quickly, as it is safe to walk on just five hours after being laid.

Ardex A 46

This is a slump free mixture that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor repairs. This mortar sets and hardens incredibly quickly to give you the ability to do fast -acting repairs. It can be used on any concrete surface to help fill in any cracks, gaps or imperfections. It can be used on depths of up to 50mm and dries within 30 minutes. It is very simple to use and easy to float. For more information and guidance about any of our flooring products, then please do contact the team here at Resapol.