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How to pick the correct grouting products

25 April, 2018

Grout is often overlooked. It”s a common misconception that grout is merely a glue for holding fixtures or tiles together, when in fact, choosing the right grout is an important part of the construction process. Grout needs to sit well with the fixtures, fittings and materials it is being used to seal or hold in place for a safe, effective and attractive end result. Over the years, the number of types of grout on the market has grown, and it”s important to understand the different types of grout and how they can impact a project before you start any work. With that in mind, we”ll take a look at some of Resapol“s most popular commercial grouting products, their plus points and the type of construction they are best suited to:

Armorex Construction Grout

This non-shrink grout is perfect for precision grouting underneath machine bases. It can also be used for grouting racking rails, crane rails and for structural steel work, as well as being useful for grouting pre-cast concrete units.

Fosroc Cebex Cable Grout 100

This admixture is advantageous when positive expansion is required. It”s ideal for bed grouting, non-shrink infilling, jointing and duct grouting.

Conbextra AT

This heavy-duty, non-shrinking grout is useful for supplying support underneath load-bearing units. It”s also effective for the grouting of bolt pockets and base plates of diesel generators, transporter rails, compressors, processing machines, textile machinery and paper manufacturing plant equipment.

Conbextra BB

This grout is compliant with Clause 2601 of the Department for Transport Specifications for Highway Works. It”s designed for grouting underneath parapet posts, flanged lighting columns and bridge bearings. It can be used in thicknesses varying between 10mm and 100mm.

Conbextra Cable Grout

Based on Portland cements, this mix is a non-shrink grout specifically for use on cabling constructions, particularly post-tensioned cable ducts and pre-stressed cable ducts.

Conbextra EP120

This free-flowing mix is useful when the chemical resistance of hardened grout is imperative. It is suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries including rail tracks, steelworks, refineries, chemical plants, electroplating works and heavy cranes. It”s incredibly durable and cost-effective.

CWG Grout

This dry, pre-blended grout is perfect for grouting during repairs to sewers. Its applications also include void filling, waterproofing and any work undertaken in close proximity to the sea. CWG Grout is also chemical resistant, making it useful in areas where pollution or chemical spills are a possibility.

Parex E140 Epoxy Grout

This formulation offers great resistance to most chemicals. It is stable in sea water and petroleum, and resistant to free-thaw cycles. It”s a great all-rounder perfect for outdoor or offshore industrial projects.

Fischer FIP 300 SF

This styrene-free polyester resin comes with a unique cartridge system. It”s great for sealing flush fixings in domestic and commercial settings.

Fischer FIPC Super 700

This versatile sealant is designed for fixing bolts, studs, starter bars and wall ties in a wide range of substrates including concrete, masonry and brickwork.

Five Star Grout

This economical grout has been specifically designed to offer strength and a good flow. It”s a great all rounder which can be used for tiling, sealing and more. Natural Cement Grout 105 This dry, pre-blended grout is resistant to chloride and has great adhesive properties. It is best suited to void filling, grouting under base plates, bolt setting and injection waterproofing. It can be used underwater.

Lokfix P25

This corrosion-resistant, high-strength grout is purpose-designed for anchoring bars and bolts into rock, concrete, brickwork or masonry, when high-speed, efficiency, and early application of the load are all required. It”s ideal for securing barriers, safety fences and base plates.

BASF Masterflow 101

This durable, non-shrink, dynamic grout is ideal for machinery bedding, particularly when early recommissioning times are needed. It is suitable for situations where dynamic loading means cementitious grouts are prohibited. Fosroc Nitofill LV This low-viscosity material is designed for injection into cracks measuring between 0.3mm and 0mm in width. It”s non-shrinking, resistant to most chemicals and acids and won”t be affected by water and frost, making it a good choice filler/sealant for outdoor applications.

RBS Anchor Grout

This grout combines a catalysed filler and a liquid polyester resin. It”s a fast-setting, free-flowing material suitable for the anchoring of dowels and bolts into holes. It can also be used to set fixings into brickwork, rock, masonry and concrete.

Sika Anchorfix 1

This styrene and solvent-free anchoring adhesive is fast-fixing and can be used to secure threaded rods, bolts and specialist fastening systems. It”s also useful for filling and sealing in concrete and masonry.

Ultra Scape Flowpoint Smooth

This rapid-setting grout is designed for application in town centre pedestrian areas, pathways and carriageways. It is suitable for use with natural stone, clay paviours and concrete flags. It is perfect for both private and public-sector use. To find out more about each of these products, simply browse the extensive grouting, anchoring and bedding category on the Resapol website. For help and further advice on the right grout for your requirements, call your nearest Resapol depot.