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How to pick the right concrete agents

10 May, 2018

With so many concrete agents available on the market, finding the correct product for your next project can at times be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best concrete agents on the market, detailing what they can be used for.

rbs Bluestrike CMO

This easy to use invert emulsion is suitable for use on both metal and timber based formwork. It’s an ideal release agent for everyday concreting. The economical dual purpose mould oil produces concrete that is free from stains and produces a uniform surface. The product comes ready to use, is low cost and has been designed for easy application.


This concrete water reducing agent can be used to impart work-ability to concrete mixtures, which means that users can make difficult or large pours with minimal vibrations. WRDA 90 is a versatile concrete agent, as you can also use the product to effect large water reductions in the concrete of standard work-ability, enabling you to achieve stronger results. With this product, users also have the freedom to place concrete in a free-flowing condition, without segregation.

501 PVA Bond

This general purpose bonding agent has been designed for use in the building industry. It can also be used as a multi-use adhesive and as an additive for plasters and concrete. This versatile concrete agent offers users with greatly improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates, which includes glass, dense concrete, tiles and steel. 501 PVA bond also improves the flexibility of sand cement products as well as reducing the surface porosity of plaster and mortar.


Hydromax is comprised of a unique blend of organic plasticising agents, fatty acid salts and hydrophobic materials. The concrete agent has been designed for the control of efflorescence and water absorption, and to be used as an integral admixture in semi-dry concrete units. Hydromax comes supplied as a white liquid which is free from chlorine and has pore-blocking properties which make it the perfect water repellent.

Masterkure 192

Masterkure 192 is a combined sealing, priming and curing membrane which has been designed for use with the cementitious based materials from the EMACO range. Masterkure 192 can also be used with the Masterseal range of protective anti-carbonation coating systems. The product offers immediate protection to exposed concrete, patch repair systems or renders and enables sealing and curing to be completed in one smooth operation.


Mortair has been designed for use in the production of air entrained mortar. The liquid air-entraining concrete agent has been specifically formulated to allow users with ease of production of mortars that can be used right away. The air contents also comply with the stated limits in BS 4721 and the concrete agent has the advantage of producing a stable air system with minimum air loss throughout the plastic mortar’s life.

Mortair D

Mortair D is similar to Mortair in that it’s an air entrained mortar, but it also comes with the added benefits of a dosage tolerance which makes the levels of entrained air less susceptible to variation in silt content and sand grading. The concrete agent also has exceptional site acceptance because of the reduced bleeding and constant air content.

503 SBR Bond

Designed for use in the building industry, 503 SBR Bond is a concrete agent which can be used as a general purpose bonding agent, an adhesive and as an additive for plasters and concrete. The product offers users with high-quality, durable adhesion to a wide range of substrates and is economical, as it can be applied in much thinner sections.

Chemical Release Agent

This chemical release agent has been formulated specifically for repair mortars on most types of formwork. The concrete agent’s tailored design gives users an optimal release and the highest quality surface finish. This chemical release agent can be applied via an easy to use spray, squeegee or brush and comes without the unpleasant odour other chemical release agents are known for.

Darex AE4

This foaming agent can be used for all types of concrete and mortar mixtures. Coming in a liquid air-entraining form, Darex AE4 has been tailored for use in the production of foamed concrete. types of mortar and concrete. The agent can also be used with naturally and synthetically occurring lightweight aggregates. Formulated from raw materials that have been carefully selected to provide users with the optimum foam concrete production and manufactured under controlled conditions for consistency, Darex AE4 is a product which offers users with a unique excellence.

Febond SBR

FEBOND SBR can be used for concrete and mortar production, and is designed to be used as a part of an admixture to increase resistance to abrasion, water and to provide better durability. The product can be used in a variety of settings, including in-floor screeds and toppings, concrete repair, waterproofing and tanking, external rendering and much more.