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Leading tanking solution, Vandex BB 75, available from Resapol

1 November, 2021

Vandex BB 75, available exclusively from Resapol, is a cementitious, efflorescence free waterproof tanking slurry with excellent hydrophobic properties. Manufactured specifically for concrete and masonry, BB 75 is best known for its excellent results when waterproofing basements, walls and floors. Ideal areas of application include basements, foundations, underground car parks, retaining walls, tanks, reservoirs, water treatment works, fishponds and water features.

Once cured Vandex BB 75 can be employed against both passive and active water pressures up to 7 bar and is approved for use in contact with potable water. It is durable, resistant to frost and heat once set, can be used on horizontal as well as vertical structures, all while still remaining vapour permeable. The benefits don’t stop there, BB 75 also provides corrosion protection for reinforcing steel, enhancing rebar corrosion protection and also improving adhesion to subsequently applied Vandex repair and coating mortar.

Manufactured by Vandex, with over 65 years’ experience of providing superior waterproofing products, BB 75 is a BBA approved, offering a high quality solution that is easy to apply by either brush, trowel or spray. Available in 25kg bags in both grey and white.

Vandex BB 75 can also be mixed with Vandex PK 75 elasticizer to create BB 75 E; a two component polymer modified elasticized cementitious waterproof coating.

Resapol are the UK’s exclusive distributor for the Vandex range of products supplying the wide range of products to distribution, infrastructure and utilities markets. For more information contact Resapol on 0800 083 1942 or email sales@resapol.com