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How to pick the correct waterproofing chemicals for your construction project

22 June, 2017

Picking out the correct chemicals for a waterproofing project can be tough. Here”s how we can help you out with the process. Whether you need to retain water, or keep it out, you need to be sure that your waterproofing systems are robust, and won”t fail you at the key moment. The vast majority of construction and manufacturing projects will require waterproofing of some kind. No matter what the project is, nine times out of ten there will be a part of it where water needs to be kept out, water needs to be kept in, or protected from rain and groundwater. Construction chemicals play a vital role in waterproofing processes, but with so many products out there, it can be difficult to know exactly what product suits you best. At Resapol, we pride ourselves on being the UK”s leading supplier of construction chemicals, with two decades of experience and expertise. This is our approach approach to picking out waterproofing solutions when a client gets in touch for help on a project. Our approach Our mantra is technical, stock, delivery. When a customer calls, our highly trained sales advisors provide technical guidance to customers, bespoke to their individual needs. If a customer calls up looking to buy waterproofing solutions, the sales team can offer the best impartial advice. Once the best solution has been identified, the warehouse team will then collect the product from the warehouse and prepare it for either collection or delivery. As a company, we pride ourselves on our stock, with complete ranges held in warehouses situated nationwide. We offer same or next day delivery guaranteed across the UK, with the vast majority of orders fulfilled within 24 hours. Whether you”re in Land”s End, John O”Groats, or anywhere in between, we guarantee that your product will be in front of you within 48 hours. Our two decades of experience and expertise in the construction chemicals sector, combined with a strategically positioned nationwide depot network means that we”re uniquely placed to provide a rapid service that ensures customers have the product they need to complete the job. Products Across a myriad of different applications, Resapol stock products by a range of companies, with a wide range of uses. Resapol supply solutions from many manufacturers within the waterproofing sector, here are a few of our key suppliers: Sika Group Multinational chemicals company Sika offer solutions to a variety of construction markets, an expanding part of their business is waterproofing solutions. Sika”s watertight concrete system is a chemical added to concrete during the mixing process that ensures the concrete is waterproofed from the moment it sets. Sika also produce a sheet and liquid applied membranes, used to waterproof floors, ceilings or walls. GCP Applied Technologies GCP Applied Technologies offer a wide range of products for waterproofing structures and foundations, either above or below ground. GCP are the pioneers of the self-adhering waterproof membrane, which attaches to the floor, wall, or ceiling of a structure, leaving it impenetrable to water. RIW With over 90 years” experience and expertise, RIW are a UK based waterproofing-only company. They offer a comprehensive catalogue of waterproofing products, including liquid coatings, sheet membranes, structural draining systems and more. Fosroc Construction chemicals multinational Fosroc provide a range of construction chemicals for a variety of applications, including a wealth of waterproofing options. With many above ground and underground waterproofing solutions, Fosroc”s product catalogue is diverse enough to deal with a myriad of issues. Resapol are the UK”s leading independent construction chemicals retailer, offering either collection or same/next day delivery on a range of products for the construction sector, including waterproofing and more. You can find a full rundown of our waterproofing products on their company website: resapol.com/waterproofing