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Resapol Branches Out

1 June, 2023

At Resapol, sustainability and environmental responsible are core values that drive our business practices and we remain committed to creating a better future for generations to come. Last month Resapol became involved in a local project to plant over 400 trees in the Lancashire area with the hope that they will provide the following benefits to the neighbourhood:

  • Prevention of flooding and soil erosion and a reduction in surface water run off
  • Reduce pollution and increase air quality by producing oxygen and trapping harmful airborne particles on their leaves and bark
  • Cool our towns and cities – they provide shade, reducing the temperature in urban areas, mitigating the heat effect caused by concrete and asphalt
  • Keep soil nutrient rich through leaf litter, promoting nutrient cycling and enhancing the soil fertility
  • Biodiversity support by generating habitats for wildlife as well as other plant species
  • Improve your wellbeing – spending time in green spaces and forests have been linked to stress reduction, improved mental health and increased physical activity
  • Provide a space for children to learn about the natural world and can encourage social interaction within the community

Global warming is happening at a quicker rate than we have previously seen and it has been evident for some time that planting trees could may well be one of the best and cheapest solutions to the climate situation. Trees are excellent at absorbing and storing carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and storing it for centuries as well as providing the multitude of additional benefits already mentioned.

It was a great pleasure for Resapol to be involved in this important project; being able to give to the community and the environment. The team gathered to plant numerous types of trees including the following species; sessile oak, silver birch, pedunculate oak, downy birch, crab apply, bird cherry, hawthorn, hazel and rowan. These trees will be invaluable assets that will have a positive impact on both humans and the planet as a whole.