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PACE Theatre Company receives a donation from the Resapol Foundation

17 May, 2024

PACE Theatre Company nominated by Resapol Glasgow, has received a £1000 donation from The Resapol Foundation. PACE is a non-profit making theatre company and registered charity, based in Paisley. They specialise in working with children and young people, delivering high quality experiences for over 30 years. It focuses on developing and nurturing young creative talent through performing arts experiences. Its aim is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment in which young people can thrive.

PACE runs the largest youth theatre in the UK with over 1,000 young people attending each week, producing professional theatre and touring productions for young audiences. The charity was nominated by Resapol Glasgow’s Ambassador Dee McRory who has experienced first hand the difference and benefits this charity brings to the young people in the community.

The Resapol Foundation donation will donate to the bursary fund for low-income families, which was introduced in 2017. PACE is committed to ensuring that they can deliver quality artistic experiences to as many young people as possible and that where possible, financial circumstances are not a barrier to participation. Research has shown youth theatre participation can significantly benefit mental wellbeing, self-esteem, empathy and co-operation skills as well as improving education achievement, enhancing employment prospects and broadening horizons. Dee told us why she nominated PACE:

(L-R) Cat Reilly, Marketing Manager and Jenni Mason, Artistic Director for PACE Theatre Company with Dee McGrory, Technical Sales Advisor and Lloyd Phillips, Managing Director of Resapol
(L-R) Cat Reilly, Marketing Manager and Jenni Mason, Artistic Director for PACE Theatre Company. With Dee McGrory, Technical Sales Advisor and Lloyd Phillips, Managing Director of Resapol

“I have chosen this particular charity as it is personally close to my heart.  Being a qualified dance teacher and retired performer, I am well aware of the benefits to young people this charity can provide.  The opportunity to experience friendship, building confidence and self-esteem, embarking on new challenges, physical and mental stimulation, escaping into a new magical world, personal development, learning new skills and processes. Paisley is my home town and I have witnessed first-hand their annual panto which myself and my family attend.  To see the joy, enthusiasm, energy and talent radiating from the stage is quite overwhelming and I believe that every young person deserves the chance to experience this.”

The Foundation is thrilled to donate to PACE Theatre Company. On the 7th May, Dee McRory along with Lloyd Phillips, Managing Director of Resapol presented the cheque to the PACE.

“As a not-for-profit organisation with limited public funding (around 7% annually) we depend on membership fees to operate, but since the pandemic and cost of living crisis we have seen an unprecedented rise in demand for these subsidised places. Donations such as this are vital in order to support this program which makes a meaningful difference in the lives of young people. With proven links between having a creative outlet and an improvement in wellbeing and development, PACE aims to offer a creative respite and a supportive environment for those who need it.”

Jenni Mason, Artistic Director of PACE

For more information about the Resapol Foundation and its charitable initiatives, visit the Resapol Foundation webpage.