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Parkinson’s UK receives £1000 Donation from Resapol

2 May, 2024

The Resapol Foundation’s decision to support Parkinson’s UK with a £1000 donation reflects a commitment to improving the lives of those affected by Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world, and currently there is no cure. It affects around 153,000 people in the UK and every hour two more people are diagnosed. There are over 40 symptoms, from tremor and pain to anxiety. Parkinson’s UK is the largest charitable funder of Parkinson’s research in Europe, leading the way to better treatments and a cure.

The nomination for Parkinson’s UK came from Resapol Sales Director Daniel Gay, the chosen Head Office Ambassador. Daniel recognised the great work that the charity does to support and help those affected by the disease.  He commented “”Caring for those with Parkinson’s is about solidarity, empathy, and a shared commitment to making a tangible difference in the lives of those facing this challenging journey. Supporting Parkinson’s UK is a testament to the Resapol Foundations belief in a brighter future for all those affected by this disease.”

“We are so grateful to Resapol for this fantastic donation to Parkinson’s UK.  With more than 40 potential symptoms, Parkinson’s can devastate lives. We’ve made huge breakthroughs in the last 50 years, but there is still no cure and current treatments are not good enough. “I’ve been blown away by the recent support for the charity in the North West. Individuals, groups and businesses are all doing their part to fundraise for Parkinson’s UK. There are lots of ways for you to get involved and support us – from volunteering at an event, to campaigning for better services. Without the generosity of people like you, our work would not be possible.”

– David Steele | Community Fundraiser at Parkinson’s UK

Supporting Parkinson’s UK with a donation is a meaningful way to make a positive impact of those living with Parkinson’s disease and to contribute to the ongoing efforts to find better treatments and ultimately a cure for this condition. For more information about the Resapol Foundation and its charitable initiatives, visit the Resapol Foundation webpage.