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Resapol Foundation Strengthens Community Bonds with a Donation to Mentoring Plus

16 July, 2023

The Resapol Foundation has extended a helping hand to Mentoring Plus, a leading organisation dedicated to supporting vulnerable youth in Bath & NE Somerset, with a donation of £1,000. The Foundation aims to bolster Mentoring Plus’s award-winning mentoring schemes, youth clubs, and inspiring activities programs, fostering connection and providing valuable guidance to young individuals facing challenges within their community.

One of the aims of the Resapol Foundation is to make a positive impact in the lives of those in need and Mentoring Plus was put forward by Wayne Coleman, Resapol’s Technical Sales Advisor and Bristol Depot Ambassador. The foundation has recognized Mentoring Plus as a deserving recipient of its support, owing to the organisation’s exceptional track record of empowering young people.

Since 1998 Mentoring Plus has been a guiding light for 5-25 year olds in Bath & NE Somerset, helping them navigate challenges and fostering a sense of belonging within their community. Through its award-winning mentoring schemes, young individuals receive one-on-one support and guidance from experienced mentors, who help them overcome obstacles, set goals, and develop essential life skills. Additionally, the organization’s youth clubs and inspiring activities programs provide spaces for young people to connect, learn, and grow, forging lasting friendships and building a sense of community.

“Being able to nominate Mentoring Plus for the Resapol Foundation’s support is fantastic! They consistently transform the lives of young individuals and by donating to their cause we can help them to further empower the next generation, providing them with the tools and support they need to overcome challenges and to reach their full potential.”

– Wayne Coleman

The Key Values at Mentoring Plus

Work generously, collaboratively and creatively

Advocate for young people’s voices to be heard

Communicate with honesty
and clarity

Approach challenges with kindness, compassion and rigour

The Resapol Foundation’s donation of £1,000 will directly contribute to the expansion and enhancement of Mentoring Plus’s initiatives, enabling even more young individuals to benefit from their life-changing programs. The funding will directly support the recruitment, training and support of additional mentors, which is vital to ensure that a greater number of young people receive the personalized support they need to thrive.

“We are so delighted to receive this support, especially after a tough few years over the pandemic,” comments Mentoring Plus CEO Ruth Keily. “Like many charities, we’re seeing demand for our help at an all-time high, while at the same time we are finding it harder to recruit volunteers than before, which is essential for our work. This will help us ensure we can reach the right people, give them the best training and support them to mentor young people safely and enjoyably. We so appreciate the support of local businesses, and always share with our young people that organisations in their community think they are worth investing in.”

– Ruth Keily, Chief Executive at Mentoring Plus

By investing in the organisations mentoring schemes, youth clubs, and inspiring activities programs, Resapol Foundation aims to foster resilience, self-confidence, and a sense of belonging among the region’s youth. The donation with Mentoring Plus stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared purpose in making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of young individuals.

For further information about the Resapol Foundation and its positive endeavours, please visit the Resapol Foundation webpage for more detailed information.