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Resapol Foundation Supports the Bradley Lowery Foundation

24 April, 2024

The Resapol Foundation, the charitable arm of the business, once again demonstrated its ethos of giving back. This time the spotlight shines on the Bradley Lowery Foundation, an amazing charity that was nominated by the Resapol Stockton’s Ambassador Martyn Harrison to receive a £1,000 donation from the Resapol Foundation.

The Bradley Lowery foundation was established in August 2017 after six year old Bradley Lowery lost his fight to Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. In 2013 his mum Gemma started a fundraising campaign to raise money to get Bradley treatment in the USA, which was not available in the UK.

The initial money raising campaign was very successful, and with the support of thousands of people they managed to raise over £1.3m as well as vital awareness for Neuroblastoma and childhood cancer in general. These initial donations helped to provide the funding base for their foundation.

Bradley quickly became a beloved public figure during his battle with neuroblastoma before his death in 2017, aged six. In part due to the heart-warming connection he made with English professional footballer Jermain Defoe. Jermain originally signed for Sunderland AFC in January 2015, Bradley’s favourite football team. In 2016, Bradley had an opportunity to be a mascot at a Sunderland match and they met in the changing room before the game for the first time. Bradley decided he wanted to walk out onto the pitch with Jermain and they had an instant connection. Following their first meeting they developed an amazing friendship, Brad used to call him his best friend! Jermaine was a big supporter of Bradley, describing him as, “one of the most inspirational children this world has ever seen.”.

The Bradley Lowery Foundation now aims to support families who are fundraising for treatment or equipment, which is not readily available or covered by the NHS. This includes all illnesses and conditions. The foundation also supports research into neuroblastoma and childhood cancers. They are now in the process of developing plans to support a £1,500,000 holiday home in Scarborough and run a support line for the families of children with cancer in the North East. The Resapol donation will be put towards the upcoming ‘It’s nice to be nice’ campaign which will allow them to purchase gifts and experiences that will go to children currently undergoing cancer treatments, helping to put a smile back on their faces!

“The Bradley Lowery Foundation is well known throughout the North East football community, and it felt only natural to offer our support. Hopefully our donation will go a little way to helping to get children the treatment or equipment so valuably needed, as well as emotional support to their families.”

Martyn Harrison | Resapol Stockton Ambassador

Resapol recognises the invaluable contributions of organisations like the Bradley Lowery Foundation, whose unwavering dedication transforms lives and instils hope in the face of adversity. Together, through acts of kindness and compassion, we can create a world where every child battling cancer finds comfort, support, and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

“On behalf of everyone here at The Bradley Lowery Foundation, I would like to thank everyone at Resapol for their amazing support and incredibly kind donation. These funds will support us to offer gifts and experiences for 10 children going through cancer in the North East. Helping to put smiles back on their faces during such a tough time. Thank you so much!”

Brooke Mitchell | Fundraising and Family Support Worker at The Bradley Lowery Foundation

For more information about the Resapol Foundation and its charitable initiatives, visit the Resapol Foundation webpage.