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Helping Bristol People Rebuild Their Lives With Bristol After a Stroke

24 June, 2024

The Resapol Foundation has donated £1,000 to Bristol After Stroke following their nomination by Resapol Bristol’s Ambassador Damian Kowaluk. Bristol After Stroke is an independent local charity dedicated to supporting stroke survivors and their families throughout Bristol and South Gloucestershire. For over 40 years, the charity has been providing a unique combination of practical, social, emotional and psychological support to stroke-affected people and their carers – helping them to regain confidence, achieve a level of independence and re-build a fulfilling life.

Around 100,000 people in the UK have a stroke each year: it is the fourth biggest killer in the UK and the single biggest cause of severe disability. A stroke is caused by an interruption of the flow of oxygen to parts of the brain, it can affect people of all ages – even those who regard themselves as both fit and healthy. A stroke affects everyone differently and can have a wide range of effects. Timely and appropriate support, particularly in the early stages, has proven to help speed recovery.

Bristol After Stroke receiving the Resapol Foundation donation.

Bristol After Stroke is a collaborative organisation: they harness the energy, knowledge and commitment of enthusiastic volunteers, many of whom have themselves been affected by a stroke. They regularly hold fundraising events and rely on donations and sponsorships to maintain the great level of service they offer.

Together they support over 850 people affected by a stroke each year with peer support groups, stroke cafes, short courses and counselling. Despite the scope of their work steadily expanding over the years, they only reach a small proportion of those in their local area affected by a stroke. Future donations will help to provide vital fundraising to support their aim of helping as many people affected by a stroke as possible.

“Having seen my mother suffer a stroke I know first-hand how it can affect not only the person, but also their loved ones.” says Damian Kowaluk from Resapol’s Bristol office. “Bristol After Stroke offers invaluable support to those whose lives have been turned upside down. Their approach ensures that survivors and their families receive the care and encouragement they need to navigate a difficult recovery journey.

“I was delighted to nominate this great charity to receive our donation. I hope it can some ways to supporting those that need it most.”

“We are incredibly grateful for this very generous donation. We rely heavily on donations and sponsorship to fund our activities, and corporate support is especially welcomed: the organisations that provide this often do so because their own staff have been affected by it.

At present we are unable to support everyone who has had a stroke locally, and Resapol’s kind donation will help us reach more of the people whose lives we can help rebuild.”

– Jenny Hollis, Bristol After Stroke’s Fundraising Officer

The Resapol Foundation was proud to support Bristol After Stroke, whose dedication transforms lives and instils hope in the face of adversity. For further information about the Resapol Foundation please visit the Resapol Foundation webpage. It features more information on each of this years’ chosen charity and organisations we will be supporting throughout 2024.