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Resapol Foundation Supports Pex Hill Junior Football Club

18 June, 2024

The Resapol Foundation is thrilled to announce its support for Pex Hill Junior Football Club with a £1000 donation. Steve Harrison, the Leigh depot ambassador for Resapol, nominated Pex Hill JFC to receive the cheque. Steve chose Pex Hill JFC due to their outstanding community engagement and dedication to youth development in sports.

Pex Hill JFC is a junior grassroots football club based in Widnes, Cheshire. They have 45 football teams ranging from U7 to U17, as well as two open age teams to provide a football pathway for their players. They see it as important to keep young people and teenagers involved in organised sports as this helps with their general confidence, social competence and team work as they prepare for life after education.

On May 9th Steve Harrison, alongside Resapol’s Managing Director Lloyd Phillips, visited Pex Hill Junior Football Club to present the £1,000 cheque from the Resapol Foundation. Steve explained his reasons for the nomination:

“I chose Pex Hill Junior Football Club after hearing about the fantastic work they do from John Bullen at CRL, a customer of ours. His children have been part of the various teams from a young age, and he has seen first-hand the positive impact it has had on them. John’s dedication to ensuring the club is well-funded so that they can continue to support young people in their community is truly inspiring.”

The club’s commitment to nurturing young talent aligns perfectly with Resapol Foundation’s mission to support grassroots initiatives that make a positive impact within their community. The club will use the funds for a new playing kit for the team, as the current kits are now over two years old. They will also allocate the funds towards training equipment, maintaining the pitches, and supporting the club’s various teams’ training sessions and matches.

“We believe that engaging in organised sports, like football, instils real confidence in kids, preparing them for future personal and professional challenges. From something as simple as confidently calling for a pass to learning teamwork and individual responsibility, these skills will be invaluable in their future careers. 

We want to provide the optimum environment for these kids – even something as simple as providing a ball for every child at training.  When you’ve 600 players, and training balls cost £8.00 each, it’s not long before our own funds get used up! This donation from the Resapol Foundation is a real investment into these kids’ futures, enabling them to train in a fun and safe environment

The donation will go towards providing equipment for a brand-new girls team we are creating for next season. This will include playing kits, training equipment, such as balls and cones, first aid kit, and essential first aid training and child safeguarding for the coaches.

Without investments from organisation such as the Resapol Foundation, we would have no choice but to increase our monthly subscriptions – potentially putting football financially out of reach for some families. On behalf of Pex Hill JFC, thank you for your generosity in this investment.”

– Simon Boyd, Pex Hill JFC

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