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The BS EN 12004 C2 TE S1 designation for ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W classifies the adhesives as 'improved deformable cementitious adhesive with reduced slip and extended open time.' The additional characteristics for ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W determined in accordance with BS EN 12004, are a tensile adhesion strength of greater than 1 N/mm² as an initial adhesion value, greater than 1 N/mm² after water immersion, greater than 1 N/mm² after heat aging, and greater than 1 N/mm² after freeze thaw cycling, making this product suitable for internal and external locations, including swimming pools.

The mixed mortar has a slump free consistency with high initial grab, enabling heavy wall tiles to be fixed, thus reducing the need for battens and spacers. ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W adhere strongly to most construction materials such as concrete, cement and sand renders and screeds, heated sub-floors, brickwork and blockwork, gypsum plaster, anhydrite screeds, plasterboard and existing ceramic tiled surfaces.

ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7W can also be used for bonding rigid foam insulating materials, e.g. polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. For fixing tiles to internal wooden floors, consult the ARDEX X 7001 product data sheet.

Due regard should also be given to the recommendations in the relevant parts of BS 5385 and sections of: BS 8000 : Part 11. ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7W can be used to fix tiles to concrete or cement/sand screeds with under- floor heating.


  •  Excellent workability and slump resistance
  •  5-hour pot life
  •  Ideal for almost all tile types including non-moisture sensitive natural stone
  •  Suitable for wall and floor applications
  •  Suitable for internal and external areas
  •  Suitable for use with underfloor heating


ARDEX X 7 G and ARDEX X 7 W are versatile multipurpose tile adhesives, with enhanced properties of adhesion, suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain, glass mosaics, and most non-moisture sensitive natural stone floor and wall tiles. ARDEX X7G and ARDEX X 7W are frost and weather resistant, and can be used internally and externally as well as in wet areas and swimming pools.