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Sika® ViscoCrete®-25 MP (GB) is based on unique polycarboxylate polymers technologies. Sika® ViscoCrete ®-25 MP (GB) is a liquid admixture for concrete which is used as an accelerating high range water reducer or superplasticiser. The product provides fast adsorption resulting in highly efficient dispersion and potential reduction in mixing time. It meets the requirements of BS EN 934-2.

Sika® ViscoCrete®-25 MP (GB) is a unique product that is suitable for the production of ready mixed concrete as well as precast operations.

  • Application that requires excellent workability and
  • early strength development.
  • Concrete with high water reduction to meet low w/c
  •  ratio requirements
  • High performance concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete
  •  Concrete containing crushed rock fines


  • Quick mixing
  •  Ideally suited for use in SCC and flowing concretes
  • High water reductions resulting in higher strengths and densities
  •  Reduced permeability
  • Fast strength development
  • Improved flow
  • Reduced shrinkage and creep
  • Advantages in mix cost savings
  • Precast energy savings
  • Consistent performance of the concrete
  •  Chloride free
  •  Extended consistence retention