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Sikaflex 406 KC Booster 150ml

Sikaflex 406 KC Booster 150ml

SKU: 003F406KCB150
Product Information
Sikaflex®-406 KC is a one-part, self-levelling, elastic joint sealant, with high mechanical and chemical resistance.
Rapid and homogeneous curing throughout the entire sealant is achieved by the addition of Sikaflex®-406 KC Booster.
- Connection joints between steel, asphalt (defined types), concrete, granite, rails in track superstructures.

- Movement joints in roads and airport pavements, parking decks, driveways and other trafficked and/or pedestrian areas with joint dimensions from 10 – 70 mm wide.
- Rapid release of areas to traffic, recessed and broadcast joints can be opened to traffic after only 3 hours (dependent on temperature).

- High joint movement capability of ±25%
- Very high mechanical and chemical resistance