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Product Information


Avoid the need for costly re-roofing with Watco Roofite®. A unique blend of bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement that
instantly weatherproofs and refurbishes roofs.
Watco Roofite® Solar Reflective is a thick bitumen-based weatherproofer with aluminium flake added for extra solar reflective
A rubberised roof and gutter lap jointing sealant, Watco Roofite® Joint Sealant is used to repair and prevent further leaks in roofs,
gutters and down pipes. Ideal for application to roofing felt, metal, paint, stone, brick and construction grade plastics.
Watco Roofite® Pour & Restore is a thicker but pourable product which can be squeegee applied, enabling large areas of flat roof to be
coated quickly and easily. Leaves a thick waterproof, flexible coating.
Bridge holes and gaps before applying Watco Roofite® with Watco Roofite® Scrim. Can be cut to size.
Watco Fibreglass Reinforcing Tape strengthens and waterproofs joints and cracks. Used when additional reinforcement is required.

Features :

• Flexible – will not sag and flow in the summer sun or become brittle in winter
• Heavy duty rubber/bitumen compound
• Repairs leaks even in pouring rain
• Fibre reinforced and flexible
• For complete refurbishment or emergency repairs
• Easily applied by brush