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Case Study – Resapol London EV Charge Point Installation

13 August, 2023

The successful application of Resapol’s own branded product, rbs Rapid Concrete, is highlighted in this case study. The rbs Rapid Concrete was used for the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charge point at Resapol’s London depot.

The project was overseen and undertaken by concrete specialist Paul Rigby, Resapol’s National Technical Support Manager. It involved filling a divot created to house the cables for the new EV charge point.

rbs Rapid Concrete was selected for its superior properties featured within its new and improved formula, which therefore provides an even better performance and subsequent results:

  • Rapid Setting Time Between 25-30 Minutes:
    • rbs Rapid Concrete’s quick-setting nature minimised downtime to ensure the project was completed both quickly and efficiently. The EV charge point was then able to be utilised the very same day the project was completed.
  • High Early Strength:
    • It was crucial to select a product with high early strength to ensure it had the durability to support the weight of typical vehicle traffic, including large vans and delivery lorries that visit the depot daily.

The project was a complete success and was finished on the same day the product was applied, highlighting the effectiveness of rbs Rapid Concrete as a solution for similar cable installations. By utilising rbs Rapid Concrete Resapol’s London Depot has enhanced its sustainable infrastructure by further supporting the needs of Resapol’s fleet of hybrid and electric company vehicles.