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Government Legislation Change for Hydrochloric Acid

26 October, 2023

There has been a change in government legislation bringing in stricter rules regarding hydrocholoric acid, under The Control of Poisons and Explosives Precursors Regulations 2023. This is with immediate effect.

This is with immediate effect and concerns the acquisition, importation, supply, possession and use of the following substance:

The Following Substances Are Classified as Regulated Explosive Precursors:
Ammonium Nitrate 16% NNitromethane 30% W/WPotassium Perchlorate 40% W/W
HexamineNitric Acid 3% W/WSodium Chlorate 40% W/W
Hydrochloric Acid 10% W/WPhosphoric Acid 30% W/WSodium Perchlorate 40% W/W
Hydrogen Peroxide 12% W/WPotassium Chlorate 40% W/WSulfuric Acid 15% W/W
NOTE: where % are stated, all concentrations at this level and above are included.  Mixtures are also applicable, there the % is at or greater than the level quoted. Refer to government website for full product detail.

What does this mean?

We must ensure our customers are aware of the new law’s impact on some of the products we sell so that they can abide by the regulations. Therefore, you avoid a hefty fine. Any customer who orders a product that comes under the new legislation will need to complete a customer declaration form. Under the new legislation, we cannot authorize the dispatch of any materials without returning this complete form. The new regulation requires us to record identifying information for both the business and the individual making the purchase. This must be recorded and kept for 18 months, and requested again (a) if purchased again after the 18 months, and (b) whenever there is a deviation from normal purchasing patterns.

Our manufacturers will be asking the same of us when we purchase affected materials.

We have highlighted the products covered by this so far, and they include:

  • rbs Brick and Mortar Cleaner
  • rbs Path and Patio Cleaner
  • rbs Hydrochloric Acid Etch 32%
  • Sikagard 112 Mortar and Brick Cleaner
  • Everbuild 407 Mortar Stain Remover

(Please note: these products are unavailable for sale through our website)

Please be aware that the purchaser may have duties in relation to regulated and reportable substances. If you require further information you can find it by clicking here, or you can contact us directly for further assistance.

Alternative Products

The formulas of these products are extremely effective so we will continue to sell these under the new regulations. Alternative products on the market, which contain less hydrochloric acid, are not subject to their tougher regulations. The list of alternatives includes:

We are here to support customers with these changes, so contact your local depot with any questions.