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How to pick the correct urban landscaping products for your project

12 January, 2018

Choosing the right materials for the job is an essential part of any building project, but especially so when it comes to urban landscaping. Whether you”re paving a private residence, an area open to the public, or a public thoroughfare or highway, it is vital that your materials are up to the job. With hundreds or even thousands of pedestrians walking over it every day, a quality product mitigates the chance of accidents, injury and possible litigation. With a wide range of possible urban landscaping solutions, choosing the right product for the job is fundamental for any prospective project manager. In this article we will focus on the products manufactured by Steintec, detailing the principal features of some of the best products currently on the market.

Steintec Tuffbed

Though designed with smaller projects in mind, Steintec”s Tuffbed can easily be substituted for their Tuffbed 2-pack product. Also mixed with the proper ratio of aggregate and mortar, Tuffbed is ready to go right out of the sack. Once cured, Tuffbed meets all BS7533 compliance requirements, it is fully frost proof and allows for water to be passed through it, which is an important consideration that many similar products are unable to claim.

Steintec Tuffbed 2-pack

Steintec”s Tuffbed 2-pack is an environmentally responsible bedding mortar system, made of natural mortar, blended with Steintec Tuffgrit aggregate. The combination is polymer and additive free, without forsaking strength and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for environmentally conscious construction and can be laid as much as 70mm deep in a single layer. Much of Tuffbed 2-pack”s strength is found in the aggregate, which not only allows for greater stability in the bedding, but it also means that it uses as much as 50% less binders than other bedding products with a cement base.

Steintec Tuffbond

Steintec”s Tuffbond priming mortar forms a crucial component for any kind of modern pavement engineering. Its powerful adhesive qualities ensure that any paving is securely bonded to its underlying bedding layer. Likewise, should that bedding layer be laid directly on any kind of concrete base, preparing the concrete surface with Tuffbond, prior to pouring in the bedding, is also recommended for added integrity. To ensure the final integrity of the project, and to guarantee full compliance with BS7533-12 regulations, Tuffbond should be considered a fundamental component of any heavily-trafficked paving construction. When used alongside Steintec Tuffbed (or Steintec Tuffbed 2-Pack) and using Steintec”s all-purpose jointing grout, Tufftop, you should be assured of success.

Steintec Tuffgrit

A crushed rock aggregate, Steintec’s Tuffgrit has been specially graded and blended for the specific purpose bound pavement construction. In such projects, where heavy traffic is expected, and longevity is an absolute must, Tuffgrit is an essential ingredient. Crushed igneous rock is used in its production, giving it high levels of both flexural and compressive strength, as it interlocks the angular particles of the paving material. Tuffgrit can be blended with Tuffset G or Tuffbed 2-pack, where its interlocking capabilities help to create a bedding material that is permeable, robust and frost proof. The rock used in the production of Steintec Tuffgrit contributes to its impressive durability and service wherever the products is utilised as a part of any bonded bedding solution.

Steintec Tuffset G

Another high-performance product, Steintec”s Tuffset G is revolutionary, being developed and optimised for time-critical repairs and projects where heavy traffic is anticipated early. It can be used on its own as a priming mortar with a high adhesive bond, or as an effective jointing slurry grout, that benefits from minimal shrinkage. Alternatively, using the product alongside Steintec”s Tuffgrit aggregate will result in a top-quality bedding mortar which offers an early gain in strength. A flexible and multifunctional product, Tuffset G is also used to fix and repair carriageways, damaged paving, concrete, embedded ironwork and manhole frame, with a setting time of only three hours.

Steintec Tufftop

A high-quality jointing mortar, Steintec”s Tufftop is a suitable choice for all manner of modular paving and natural. When mixed thoroughly with a large water content, the jointing mortar becomes a free-flowing plastic slurry grout that is malleable and easy to operate with, making the cleaning of pavement surfaces simple and straightforward. Whilst other manufacturers utilise polymer additives in their products, Tufftop only includes natural ingredients, which prevents the problem of shrinkage that is associated with such additives. Its high elastic modulus enables optimum performance on paved surfaces, so you needn”t compromise on your project. Steintec products have been used in major construction works and urban landscaping ventures around the world, from the Shard and the 02 Arena in London to the European Investment bank in Luxembourg, their quality and resilience are unmatched for an urban enterprise. If you need these products for your next paving project, be sure to contact our team, who will be happy to assist you and offer further advice.