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Waterproofing with Vandex

2 November, 2023

Vandex is a range of professional construction chemical products for waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete and for building protection.

There is an impressive track record of completing waterproofing projects ranging from preventive work in new construction to complex troubleshooting in existing structures carried out over a period of more than 65 years. Furthermore, this extensive experience encompasses various projects, illustrating a depth of knowledge and skill in the field. Consequently, worldwide recognition has been gained. Therefore, the brand is acclaimed not only as a technology inventor but also as a reliable partner who aims at long-term, close customer relationships. As a result of responsible marketing and strong technical support, Vandex has established a significant foothold in the industry.

Vandex is a brand that, undoubtedly through innovation, know-how, experience, and strong motivation, supports its products with appropriate services in research & development, testing and engineering. Thus adding significant value to the basic qualities and benefits of the product range.

The brand provides a range of professional construction chemical products for waterproofing, protection and repair of concrete buildings, available from Resapol, the UK’s exclusive distributor.


Slurries & Coatings

A new range of high performance BBA-approved & CE-marked waterproofing
slurries & coatings, approved for use in contact with drinking water

  • Active or passive waterproofing and protection against water and moisture
  • Foundations, slabs, retaining walls, etc.
  • Drinking water structures
  • Corrosion protection for reinforcing steel
  • Efflorescence-free
  • Applicable by spray equipment
  • Suitable also for corrosion protection for reinforcing steel
  • Approved for potable water
Vandex BB 75

A BBA approved, cementitious, ready-mixed surface tanking slurry. It is also suitable as corrosion protection for reinforcing steel.

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Vandex PK 75

Elasticiser for Vandex BB 75

Vandex BB 75 Z

Waterproofing Slurry for Sewage Treatment Plants

Vandex Super

Crystalline Waterproofing

Plugging &

Installation Mortar

Stops flowing water, sets in seconds for a durable and waterproof seal

  • Plugging water leaks and seepage
  • Sealing leaking cracks
  • Sealing wet surfaces
  • Plugging leaks in earthenware pipes
  • Caulking tunnel segment joints
  • Fixings in water structures where immediate use is require
  • WRAS approved for use in drinking water structures
  • Stops flowing water
  • Sets in seconds
  • Durable
Vandex Plug

A cementitious rapid setting compound which when mixed with water forms a thick paste designed to stop leaks in 30 seconds.

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How to Apply Vandex Plug
How to Apply Vandex Plug

Water leaks and seepage are common problems in water-retaining structures and when building below ground.

Fortunately, Vandex Plug offers a simple solution:

  • Supplied as a powder, Vandex Plug is mixed with water to form a thick paste.
  • Once mixed, the paste is pressed into the leaking crack or hole using a trowel.
  • After approximately 30 seconds, the Vandex Plug will have set and the leak will be sealed.
  • The surface can then be levelled off using a levelling trowel.
  • Vandex Plug can be used internally or externally as a waterproof plugging mortar or where rapid setting and early strength gain is required.

Step 1

Identify water or
moisture ingress

Step 2

Mix 1kg Vandex Plug with
approx 0.25ltr water

Step 3

Apply immediately, Vandex Plug
sets in 30 seconds

Step 4

Maintain pressure without disturbing the material until it has set

Step 5

Remove any excess material

Rapid Curing


The Vandex range of rapid system’s feature waterproofing properties that develop even when in contact with running water. Moreover, these properties make it an ideal solution for immediate or continuous water exposure scenarios.

Rapid 2

Rapid Waterproofing Plugging Compound

2 Minutes setting time
Stops flowing water
Installation of pipes in manholes
Designed for use in sewers & manholes

Rapid M

Rapid Waterproofing Repair Mortar

After 1 hour – resistant to load
Waterproof at 10 mm layer thickness
Horizontal & vertical application
Designed for use in sewers & manholes

Rapid S

Rapid Waterproofing Slurry

After 3 hours – resistant to load
For concrete, masonry and render
As sealing & interior coating
Designed for use in sewers & manholes

Vandex Uni Mortars

A range of waterproofing & repairing mortars, featuring a standard version,
a rapid setting version & a version for sewage treatment plants

Uni Mortar 1

Waterproofing & Repairing Mortar

For horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces
Unaffected to frost and de-icing salts
Approved for drinking water structures

Uni Mortar 2

Rapid Setting Waterproofing & Repairing Mortar

Waterproofing and screed with single product
For horizontal surfaces
Resistant to abrasion and de-icing salts

Uni Mortar 1 Z

Waterproofing & Repairing Mortar for Sewage Treatment Plants

Resistant against sulphates
Against active or passive water pressure
For horizontal and vertical surfaces
Unaffected to frost and de-icing salts

Vandex Product Catalogue

On 1st July 2021 it was announced that Resapol had signed a UK wide exclusive distribution agreement with USL Speciality Products for the Vandex range of products. The partnership sees Resapol gain exclusive access to a well-established range of Vandex products that is well aligned with their future growth plans.

Discover more about the Vandex range of products with the Resapol Vandex Product Catalogue.

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