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ARDEX A 828 is a brilliant white, rapid hardening, gypsum based plaster for filling, smoothing and finishing interior walls and ceilings.


  •  Ideal for smoothing and plastering a variety of surfaces, such as - render, concrete, aerated concrete, plasterboard, construction boards
  •  Can be used as a deep wall filler with all the advantages of a fast setting plaster
  •  Can receive paint in as little as 1-2 hours
  •  Can fill large surface depressions in walls and ceilings
  •  Covers old decorative finishes such as ARTEX
  •  Available in a lemon scent for sensitive installations
  •  Slump, tension and crack free


ARDEX A 828 provides an ideal background on which to apply paint and wallpaper finishes. ARDEX A 828 can also be used as a high build plaster for filling and repairs. With its slump free properties ARDEX A 828 can be easily and swiftly applied in a single operation, even at thicker applications.

ARDEX A 828 can be used on the following substrates:

  •  Plasterboard
  •  Pre-rendered walls
  •  Suitable concrete backgrounds • Aerated concrete
  •  Lightweight blocks
  •  Construction boards
  •  Over old, sound decorative finishes ARDEX A 828 can also be used:
  •  As a lightweight adhesive for lightweight blocks (non-structural use)
  •  For filling large static cracks and deep holes
  •  For making good and filling electrical wall chases
  •  Can facilitate ‘dot and dab’ plaster board to walls
  •  For smoothing and plastering raw masonry, concrete, aerated concrete, lightweight building boards, softboards and insulation boards
  •  To easily cover old, sound ‘ARTEX’ type wall and ceiling finishes
  •  To fill joints in gypsum plasterboards and other building boards
  •  To fill and smooth joints in pre- fabricated concrete ceilings
  •  For laying gypsum planks
  •  For dowelling and positioning of rawlplugs for non-structural fittings and fixtures

The extra fine formulation can help to achieve a feather edge, ideal for achieving a high quality, smooth finish. It is tension free with a non-shrink formulation and even at very thin bed depths, the product creates a hard, crack free sound surface which is not affected by wallpaper adhesives, water or solvent based paints.