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De Neef Swellseal Joint 25mm x 7mm x 10m

De Neef Swellseal Joint 25mm x 7mm x 10m

SKU: 007SSJ25X20X10
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DE NEEF SWELLSEAL Joint is a vulcanized hydrophilic expansive rubber strip with a center pressure compensating tube for the sealing of concrete construction joints, pipe penetrations and joints in underground pre-cast elements. The flexible coextruded strip is a combination of chloroprene rubber and hydrophilic resin. DE NEEF SWELLSEAL Joint has an inner pressure-balancing zone which is also hydro- expansive, ensuring a perfect seal. The orange shoulder has a swelling capacity of up to 540% in contact with water. The black compression zone has a swelling capacity of 100%.


  • Sealing joints between concrete pre-cast-elements (inspection shafts, sewers, collectors)
  • Sealing smooth cold and construction joints
  • Sealing pipe penetrations and block-outs


  • Proven track record in structures subject to high water pressure
  • Non-sag when correctly placed around pipes and in vertical joints
  • Easily installed by nailing or using DE NEEF SWELLSEAL WA® ®
  • Chemically inert and resistant to petroleum, mineral and vegetable oils and greases
  • Exerts the least amount of expansion pressure of the DE NEEF SWELLSEAL preformed waterstop line® ®
  • Reversible swelling properties