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Nitokit LV or Nitokit TH basic pack incorporates a two-part epoxy crack injection resin contained in a patented single cartridge, complete with injection nipples and hoses. A selection of either Nitokit LV, a low viscosity system or Nitokit TH, a thixotropic system, ensures the most cost effective and efficient solution.


Nitokit LV and Nitokit TH are designed for injecting cracks in concrete and masonry where there is a need to consolidate a structure or exclude water and air from contact with reinforcement.
Nitokit LV is a low viscosity system and is suitable for cracks down to 0.2 mm at the surface and internal cracks tapering down to 0.01 mm.
The Nitokit systems are ideal for small scale repairs on site and are also suitable for in-situ or precast concrete elements.


  •  Self contained packs include everything necessary to complete the crack injection
  •  Convenient to use disposable cartridge contains both resin and hardener
  •  Safe and clean to use, non-return valves avoid leakage and spills
  •  High strength, excellent bond to concrete, brickwork and masonry
  •  Low viscosity and thixotropic options allow cost effective and efficient repair