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Product Information

Description :

An aqueous solution of metallic silicates which when applied to fresh concrete forms a micro-crystalline seal in the pores, reducing the evaporation of moisture from the mix thus assisting in the efficient curing of the concrete. The aqueous element of Chemcure S will evaporate into the atmosphere and the silicates become an integral part of the concrete, leaving no residues or deleterious material on the concrete surface. Removal is not required; the porosity of the concrete is slightly reduced but the bond with subsequent coatings/treatments, whether on cast or trowelled surfaces, will be unaffected.

Advantages :

  • ? Non staining, non toxic; ideally suited for reservoirs and other potable/wholesome water structures.
  • Water based, ideal for use in areas of poor ventilation.
  • Aids concrete to attain maximum hydration, strength, durability and surface hardness.
  •  Shrinkage with associated with hairline cracking and crazing is greatly reduced in vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Optional non-staining fugitive dye available, to assist application, if required.
  • Extremely economical and easy to apply; a single film application only is required, using Nufins’ spray equipment or similar.
  •  Compatible with Silane.