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rbs Greencure Sealer is a ultra low odour single pack white polymeric aqueous emulsion designed to impregnate concrete surfaces thus acting as a curing aid, surface sealer, dust proofer and hardener.


  •  Ready mixed curing membrane and surface sealer.
  •  Ultra low odour.
  •  Good abrasion resistance.
  •  One coat spray application.
  •  Re-coatable with minimum preparation for certain types of coating.
  •  Extended service life over many commonly used coatings.
  •  Always stir or shake rbs Greencure Sealer before use.
  •  New Concrete: Apply using a fine spray at nominal consumption rate of 5-7m²/litre. Only one coat is required. Care should be taken to ensure full coverage is achieved.
  •  Old Concrete: Apply by Squeegee, brush or spray at a nominal consumption rate of 6-9m²/litre depending on surface porosity and texture
  •  Never apply rbs Greencure Sealer in external situations where rain or frost is likely to come into contact with uncured material.
  •  All equipment should be cleaned with water.