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rbs P400C Cartridge 400ml

rbs P400C Cartridge 400ml

SKU: 004P400
£12.00 EX VAT
Product Information
rbs P400C is a styrenated polyester resin 400ml coaxial cartridge system with a resin to hardener ratio of 10 parts to 1.
The cartridge has a coaxial nozzle outlet and is sealed with the screw cap.
- Anchor sockets.

- Fixing externally threaded rods.

- Concrete reinforcing bars.

- Securing profiled sections and bars.

- Versatile.

- Anchoring without expansion pressure.

- Fixing close to free edges.

- Medium / high load capacities.

- Cost effective.


  • Anchor sockets.
  • Fixing externally threaded rods.
  • Concrete reinforcing bars.
  • Securing profiled sections and bars.

Before you apply this product, make sure you drill the hole to the correct diameter and depth. Keep in mind that different hole diameters and depths have different load capacities and requirements. For instance, a stud diameter of 8mm requires a hole diameter of 10mm and a hole depth of 80mm. Ensure the hole is clean by brushing it and blowing out any dust left behind by the drilling process. The next step is to unscrew the cap and attach the mixer nozzle before inserting the cartridge into the applicator gun. You can then inject enough resin into the hole through the nozzle and insert the fixing while ensuring full contact. Wait for the loading time to elapse before tightening the nut. If you are working with materials that contain spaces, be sure to use perforated sleeves.

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It is important to observe stringent safety measures when working with this product since it contains stylene, currently classified as a hazardous material. Consequently, you should wear suitable protective clothing, including eye protection and gloves. Also note that the RBS p400c is flammable with a 32°C flashpoint. For this reason, ensure adequate ventilation in your working area. Remember to keep the cartridge closed when not in use.

Store the cartridges in their original packaging, keeping it sealed. Keep it in a cool place away from direct sunlight. This product can achieve its maximum shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture if you observe these conditions. A lot of research has gone into the development of this product but it is your responsibility to use the product safely and appropriately.