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Description :

Tuffbed Utility is a pre-mixed high performance, naturally pure hydraulic bedding mortar.
tuffbed Utility is pre-blended and packaged in moisture resistant 25 kg bags for convenience in storage, handling, mixing and application. It has been designed to meet the requirements for repairs / reinstatements, small projects, public realm pedestrian areas, for landscapers, term and utility contractors. Bedding depths of between 30 mm and 70 mm can be placed in a single layer. Greater depths can be achieved by placing successive compacted layers. Ideal versatility and workability is achieved with a minimum layer thickness of 30mm. tuffbed Utility is shrinkage compensated, reducing the risks of failure associated with building permanent strain into new pavement structures, leading to uncontrolled cracking, the inevitable result of excessive shrinkage. The elastic modulus of tuffbed Utility is optimised to provide the correct supporting stiffness whilst continually absorbing the thermal stresses and
dynamic loads that all pavement structures are subjected to. tuffbed Utility complies with and exceeds the performance requirements of BS7533-7:2010, type A bedding mortar in ALL respects, including the key
requirement for permeability to prevent moisture related issues such as frost damage, organic growth, picture framing, efflorescence, staining etc. Add approx. 2 litres of water per 25 kg bag, depending on desired workability.
Storage life is 12 months in dry conditions from the manufactured date. The product does not contain polymers or similar synthetic and organic additives which can degrade over time however, this storage limitation is due to chromium VI in cements, please refer to health and safety information.
For an enhanced adhesion bond between the bedding layer and the underside of the paving elements, and the supporting layer beneath, brush apply tuffbond priming mortar. This is a requirement for compliance with BS 7533-7:2010