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FT Plus is a wet-look colour enhancer for naturalstone and concrete paving. It also provides staining protection against marks made by grease, oils, fats, fast food, tyre rubber and footwear.

It is an excellent and effective product, though IT DOES COME WITH A CAUTION: Even the slightest hint of damp in the paving it is applied to could lead to whitish surface staining.

Ideally, it should be applied to paving before it is laid, or within weeks of paving that has been freshly laid on water permeable bedding, such as tuffbed or tuffbed 2-Pack. Coverage is dependent on the porosity of the stone it is applied to but typically, 1 litre will treat up to 20 m².

FT Plus bonds within the pores beneath the pavement surface, forming a breathable, highly resilient sub-surface system which is resistant to staining and which reflects the light in a way that makes the surface appear the same as similar untreated paving would when wet.

FT Plus gives consistent, even and long-lasting results. It is highly oil and water repellent and does notcause any reduction in slip resistance.