Concrete Repair And Protection

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Concrete Repair & Protection

Resapol understands that despite the many benefits that concrete offers the construction industry, it also does have some inherent problems which can cause issues over the lifetime of a structure.

The causes of concrete damage

Concrete damage and defects are caused by a variety of factors. Whether concrete has suffered due to environmental factors, poor design, impact damage, chemical attack or poor initial application, usually the cause can be classified as either mechanical, physical or chemical exposure. Whatever the reasons, we have a range of solutions to tackle the problem and extend the structural lifespan.

Defects ranging from honeycombing and movement cracks, to mechanical or shutter removal damage all create different concrete repair requirements. Mechanical damage is usually caused by impact, overloading, vibration, settlement, land movement or explosions. For example, if precast panels are incorrectly handled or fixed, it is likely to lead to cracks.

Chemical damage to concrete can occur through exposure to chemical or biological agents, or even through leaching or alkali-aggregate reaction. Within concrete there are various types of aggregate which could undergo chemical reactions, leading to expansion and damage.

A common example is the attack of aggressive gases on the top of chimneys or the soffits on factory roofs. The concrete which contains reactive silica will react in the presence of water, with alkalis present in the concrete.

Physical damage to concrete is unfortunately quite common and can occur in situations such as freezing and thawing, thermal movement, shrinkage, erosion and abrasion. Damage can even occur during the casting and de-shuttering manufacturing processes. For example, when concrete is used to manufacture block walls and pipelines, they are particularly susceptible to cracking during ground settlement.

There are also many examples where concrete is damaged due to reinforcement corrosion. A common example can be seen in the rust staining following the positioning of galvanised steel supports when they are in direct contact with the already embedded steel reinforcement.

An experienced and knowledgeable team

We supply a range of products from all the leading manufacturers and our impartial sales staff have the technical knowledge to recommend the right product to suit your needs.

We also offer a comprehensive range of concrete protection products to ensure increased lifespan and aesthetic benefits. From weather-proofing to vandal proofing, we have the coating for you.

As members of the Concrete Repair Association, Structural Concrete Alliance and Spray Concrete association we are at the forefront of the latest industry developments, sharing knowledge and training with the sectors leading manufacturers and users. This combined with being the UK's leading independent supplier means we offer unrivalled impartial technical knowledge.

From free flow and hand-applied repairs to anti-graffiti coatings, we’ve got concrete covered. Our entire product range is well stocked and highly recommended, each product has a great track record and can be discussed in detail with our knowledgeable team.

Concrete repair techniques

Since the late 1970s concrete repair systems and products have rapidly developed, as understanding has improved and technology has advanced. To solve concrete repair damage and protection issues, the appropriate products and techniques should be selected.

This means the first step in the repair process should always be to determine the cause of the concrete deterioration. In general, the repair will usually involve preventing further damage, treating exposed areas and then deep filling holes and fissures caused by cracks.

The selected option should be appropriate to the type, cause and severity of the concrete defect, while also addressing the future requirements of the concrete structure. There are various techniques and products available, which will need to be selected based on the cause of the original damage.

Cementitious repair

We have a variety of concrete repair mortars available from some of the leading brands including; Five Star, Sika, Renderoc, RBS and Natcem. These repair concretes are ready to mix concrete solutions ready for use with all cement-based surfaces. Our products also comply with all conformity specifications. These products are manufactured from non-reactive components and are useful for a range of applications, such as the repair of beams and crossheads.

The mixes are pre-bagged in a variety of sizes and you will only need to add water. With a variety of options available, we sell mixes for a wide range of tasks, from those which set rapidly through to mixes ideal for overhead repairs. Within our range of concrete repair mortars, you will be able to buy cost-effective solutions, with strong levels of adhesion and a smooth finish.

Corrosion protection

We have a variety of products available for sale to prevent corrosion from steel reinforcement. Whether you are looking for a mortar, putty or even a surface applied inhibitor to create a resistant environment, we have a wide variety of options available. If you are looking for an inhibitor for a new or existing structure, we have products available which can be applied to structures already in place. This reduces the impact and removes the risk of damage.

As a leading supplier in concrete repair products, we sell some of the latest solutions available. A great example is the Sika Margel VPI 580, which is a patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor inserted inside the concrete around steel reinforcement. Whatever option you choose to buy, the products we supply will preserve the concrete's appearance and delay the onset of corrosion, to double the life of a structure in many situations.

Crack injection and stitching

These are permanent structural repair options for use in cracked concrete. Our range of products can be used as a simple yet effective way to reconnect and strength concrete through injecting and stitching.

We sell everything from steel packers and nipples to metal injection packers and epoxy injection resin. The injection method can be used for cracks as narrow as 0.05mm, where the injection is delivered at close intervals along a crack to seal the exposed surface.

Alternatively, stitching involves drilling holes to both sides of a crack where metal units are grouted in places which span the crack. Stitching is a popular option in major cracks when tensile strength must be re-established. Whatever option you choose, the concrete will benefit from improved resilience and minimal disruption.

Curing, sealing, hardening and dust-proofing

To provide surfaces with protection from potential damage we have a variety of curing, sealing, hardening and dust-proofing products available to buy. For example, we have protective products which can be sprayed to form a layer of wax over set concrete, to prevent the rapid evaporation of moisture.

If a repair has already been carried out to concrete, long-term protection will not be achieved through the repair alone. Without a final layer of protection, your surface runs the risk of sustaining damage. The most effective method is to apply a covering across areas which have a potential for exposure to future damage.

Epoxy adhesives and primers

We have a variety of epoxy adhesives and primers available. These products can improve surface adhesion, prevent corrosion, enhance the strength of bonds and add an extra layer of protection. Within our range, you will find products from leading brands such as Sikadur, RBS and Ardex.

In many repair cases, our products can be used to encourage bonding between construction materials and the substrate. Many of these products will even penetrate the concrete surfaces to provide an effective sealant.

Epoxy-based resin repairs

Epoxy-based resin repair products and epoxy repair mortar are ideal for use in situations where there is a high level of movement, sensitive joints, steps and impact zones. These types of products will outperform traditional cement products and will provide long-lasting repairs to concrete.

We have a variety of mortars available with highly adhesive properties, low levels of shrinkage and excellent levels of durability and chemical resistance.

External wall insulation

We offer a complete range of external wall insulation systems consisting of everything from base coats and primers, through to render finishing products. Our range has been carefully handpicked by our concrete experts to guarantee energy savings, waterproofing and high levels of concrete protection.

Polyester-based resin repairs

We supply a comprehensive range of polyester-based resin repair products, including concrete, resin mortar and winter grade mortar. Each product will effectively repair defective concrete and can be used in overhead, horizontal and vertical situations. These products are commonly used to carry out patch repairs to concrete floors and infills to areas which are heavily used.

These polyester-based products are ideal for quickly repairing surfaces and joints. In most situations, these polyester-based resins are ideal for section thicknesses up to 50mm and should be applied in single layers. If a thicker section is required, this can be achieved through the application of multiple layers.

This will increase the tensile strength beyond the level achieved in most building materials. In under two hours, the original concrete's strength will double and its chemical resistance will also greatly improve.

Protective coatings

In many environments, the concrete coatings need to withstand high levels of wear, temperature fluctuations and also chemical attacks. It is also important that the finish is aesthetically pleasing, slip-resistant and quick to clean.

We can provide a variety of protective coatings for concrete, which have been chosen for their levels of protection and quality. Whether you are looking to add a protective coating to industrial flooring, a garage, bridge, roof or a wall, we have a range of primers and paints available to buy. We stock a variety of manufacturers including Galvafroid, Sikagard, webercote, Coo-Var and RBS.

Structural strengthening

There are many reasons why a concrete structure may need strengthening, for example, its function may change, the layout may require altering or higher building standards may be required. We have a variety of options available to reinforce concrete in situations such as column, beam and slab strengthening or even crack repair or reduction.

We stock some of the most well-known brands including Helibar, Cem Tie, ResiTie and Dry Fix. Our range includes a variety of dimensions and lengths, which are suitable for every strengthening application.

As national experts in construction chemicals, our depots are ideally situated to provide you with a wide range of products and the technical support required. Our network of depots regularly serve sites across the UK and we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products on time, anywhere in the UK.

If you would like to discuss your project or any of the products we have available, please contact our team today.