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ARDEX A 46 is a rapid repair, slump free mortar which is ideal for external and internal repairs. The polymer modified mortar sets and hardens rapidly to give a repair of high performance, strength and hardness.


  • Class R2 Polymer Modified Cementitious Repair Mortar • Ideal for the rapid repair of damaged concrete
  • Sets within 30 minutes
  • Slump free - ideal for vertical and overhead repairs
  • High Build - apply from 2mm to 50mm thick • For internal and external use
  • Easy to smooth and float
  • Shrinkage compensated, and crack free


ARDEX A 46 is ideal for the rapid repair and refacing of concrete surfaces. ARDEX A 46 should only be used for the non-structural repair of concrete.

ARDEX A 46 can be used for:

  • Filling cracks, gaps and holes
  • Repairing and refacing of concrete stairtreads and risers
  • Damaged brickwork (not lightweight concrete)
  • Damaged wall renders
  • Making good on wall chases
  • Filling and patching cracks in walls and floors
  • Making good around pipework, door and window frames
  • Forming ramps from 2mm to 30mm in thickness
  • Forming coves for floors
  • Repair soffits, beams and lintels

ARDEX A 46 may also be used as a wearing surface in lightly trafficked areas.

NOTE: When using aggregate filled mortars apply a neat layer of the ARDEX A 46 mortar to act as a bonding coat applied fresh in fresh.