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Mapeflex PU30 is a two-component thixotropic sealant consisting of devoid isocyanate free polyurethane polymer (component A) and a special hardener (component B). Mixing the two components produces a uniformly coloured thixotropic paste, easily workable with a flat trowel.


  • Sealing flexible joints in concrete walls. More in general, for all vertical structures, both interior and exterior, where a thixotropic product with high resistance to chemical agents, waterproof and vapour permeability is required.
  • Sealing joints in ceramic tile floors in areas subject to heavy traffic such as supermarkets, industrial buildings with fork lift truck traffic, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, arcades, squares, etc.
  • Sealing movement joints in concrete floors in car parks and industrial buildings subject to vehicle traffic or where a high resistance to chemicals is required.
  • Sealing rubber and PVC flooring by filling the joints between each single tile or the sheets.
  • Elastic fillet seals for machine beds.
  • Elastic fillet seals for pipe-work, drains, man-hole covers, etc.


  • Can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
  • After hardening by chemical reaction alone, takes place in approximately 24 hours, without shrinkage, product becomes elastic, resistant to water and heat, with high mechanical strength and abrasion resistant properties.
  • Good adhesion to almost all materials that are commonly used in building.