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Match Patch White 26kg

Match Patch White 26kg

SKU: 099MPW26
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Product Information
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Description :

Matchpatch is a pre-packaged, polymer modified repair cement for rapid structural repairs to in-situ and pre-cast concrete. It is especially suitable for repairs which need to be colour matched to the parent concrete to provide a high quality aesthetic finish. It is also suitable for repairs to damaged, honeycombed or “boney” concrete in new build construction as no primer is required. It can be used in both vertical and overhead applications. Coloured aggregates can be used as well as colour pigments to form different colours and textures.

Features & Benefits :

  • USER FRIENDLY: Materials are pre-packaged and only require mixing with clean water on site. No special primers are necessary.
  • COLOUR MATCHING: Grey and White grades which can be blended easily for perfect colour match. Coloured aggregates can be blended in as well as concrete pigments if required.
  • COMPATIBLE: Physical properties of cured mortar similar to base concrete.
  • FINISHING: Excellent finishing and feather edging characteristics.
  • LOW SHRINKAGE: Maintains high bond strength to substrate and ensures monolithic performance of the repair.
  • RAPID SETTING: Rapid strength development - over 9N/mm² in 2 hours.
  • WATERPROOF: ISAT tested as waterproof when cured.
  • POLYMER MODIFIED: Ensures enhanced adhesion and low permeability, giving excellent protection from acid gases, moisture ingress and chlorides.
    SAFE: Very low alkali content ensures low hazard in use and negligible risk of alkali silica reactions. Chloride free.
    COMPLIANCE: Complies with Clause 6 of the DTp Standard BD 27/86.