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Sika Galvashield CC65 20 per box
Sika Galvashield CC65 20 per box Sika Galvashield CC65 20 per box

Sika Galvashield CC65 20 per box

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Product Information
Sika® Galvashield CC embedded galvanic anodes are used to control ongoing corrosion and to prevent the new formation of corrosion sites on reinforced concrete structures.
The specially formulated precast cementitious mortar surrounds and activates the sacrificial zinc core.
The cylinders are available in a variety of sizes and are quickly and easily installed into concrete to control corrosion activity.
When correctly installed and connected the zinc anode corrodes preferentially to the surrounding steel, providing galvanic corrosion prevention and control to the adjacent reinforcement.
- Reinforced concrete with high chloride content
- Post-tensioning anchors
- Columns and beams
- Car Parks and Bridge Decks
- Piers & Marine structures
- Pre-stressed concrete elements
- Carbonated ConcreteAdvantages:
- Proven technology
- supported by independent test program.

- Focused protection
- provides localized protection where actual and potential corrosion risks are high.

- Economical
- low cost method protecting local areas that are chloride contaminated but sound, thereby reducing concrete breakout.

- Versatile
- effective in chloride-contaminated and carbonated concrete.
Can be used for both conventionally reinforced and prestressed or post-tensioned concrete.

- User friendly
- installation is quick and easy.

- Low maintenance – requires no external power source or system monitoring.

- Measurable – anode performance can be easily monitored if required.

- Long lasting – 10 to 20 year service life* reduces the need for future repairs.

- Full system – can be used in conjunction with Sika FerroGard and SikaGard technology to offer a fullcorrosion management system.
* As with all galvanic protection systems, service life is dependent upon a number of factors including reinforcing steel density, concrete conductivity, chloride concentration, humidity and anode spacing

  • Reinforced concrete with high chloride content.
  • Post-tensioning anchors.
  • Columns and beams.
  • Car Parks and Bridge Decks.
  • Piers & Marine structures.
  • Pre-stressed concrete elements.
  • Carbonated Concrete.

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