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How to pick the correct highway maintenance products for your project

19 January, 2018

When you’re a project manager working in highway maintenance, it’s important to know which products to purchase to complete your project to the highest standard possible. That’s why the professionals at Resapol have compiled this guide, which will show you how to select the highest quality highway maintenance products you’ll need to complete your next project.


Filling potholes can be a difficult task, especially on congested motorways. Finding the right product depending on the size of the job and the amount of time you have to access to the road is very important.

Larsen IPR06 BBA/HAPAS approved pothole repair

Larsen Highways IPR06 Instant Pothole Repair is the instant and permanent solution for roads, pavements, driveways, car park maintenance companies, school caretakers & homeowners. Instantly trafficable in any weather conditions, hot, wet or freezing.

Protecting new joints

Larsen OBT05 BBA/HAPAS approved overbanding tape

Larsen Highways OBT05 is a high quality, BBA/HAPAS approved preformed thermoplastic high friction overbanding tape. It”s a quick and efficient way to seal joints in asphalt surfaces, preventing water ingress and associated frost damage particularly in utilities reinstatements. OBT05 is specially formulated to remain flexible in cooler conditions and non-tacky in hot conditions and is pre-embedded with a high PSV anti-skid aggregate.

Stirling Lloyd Safetrack Overbanding HAPAS Approved

This product has been designed for the overbanding of cracks in asphalt and concrete substrates, as well as the cracks between reinstatement materials and the existing road. It is also ideally suited for the sealing and infilling of fretted joints and in asphalt pavements. A cold applied, asphalt grey rapid curing system based on Stirling Lloyd”s advanced methyl methacrylate (MMA) technology, and Safetrack Overbanding is the only system available to offer a high skid resistance throughout its working life. Providing exceptional resistance to wear, withstanding the insistent abrasion caused by high volume traffic, which can lead to cracking and even pot holes forming in asphalt and concrete roads.

Block and paving sealer

RBS Greenpave Block Sealer

This product is a solvent free surface sealer. A clear solvent free acrylic resin coating used to seal and protect block paving, patios, driveways and general concrete. Prevents algae and lichen growth, results in low mid-sheen anti-slip finish.

RBS Greenpave Block Sealer SS

This product is a solvent free surface sealer with sand stabilisation properties. A clear solvent free acrylic resin coating blocks and driveways where sand joints need stabilizing to prevent sand loss and weed growth.Prevents algae and lichen growth. Results in a low-mid anti-slip-finish.

RBS Hardseal This is a high-performance heavy duty acrylic sealer. RBS Hardseal is low viscosity, penetrating colourless sealer and based on a carefully sourced blend of chemicals. It hardens, seals and cures all in one. All offers 90% curing efficiency.

Bedding or instillation of covers and frames

With so many bedding options to choose from, we”ve broken down some of the best products available on the market, so you can find the product that best suits your project.

Larsen MBM 60 – BBA/HAPAS Approved

A single component, rapid strength bedding mortar suitable for use in the installation, raising and reinstatement of ironwork, up to and including group 4 of BS EN 124. It is also ideal for bedding kerb and emergency repairs. Open to traffic in one hour. Complies with HD27/15

Larsen MBM 104 – BBA/HAPAS Approved

A two component. High-performance bedding mortar providing all the benefits of a resin based mortar with the ease of use associated with cement based mortars. Suitable for use in the installation, raising and reinstatement of ironwork. Complies with DMRB HD27/15 Complies with DRMB HA104/09

Larsen PM 04 – BBA/HAPAS Approved

A two-component polyester resin mortar with exceptionally high-performance characteristics i.e. early and ultimate strength gain. For use in the installation raising and reinstatement of ironwork up to and including group 4 of BS EN 124. Complies with DMRB HD27/15 Complies with DRMB HA104/09

Fosroc XR 45

General Purpose fast-setting Cementious bedding and repair mortar. Highways Agency – DTp specification for highways works clause HD27/04

Weber.tec bedding mortar

Is a three-component, polyester-based mortar for the Bedding and fixing of manhole frames, airport landing lights, duct frames and precast concrete units. It has been formulated for easy mixing and placement, even at low temperatures and, when cured, provides a durable, chemically resistant bedding and fixing material with good bond strength. Fully complies with the Highways HA 104/02 for bedding mortar for trunk Roads and motorways.

Road markings

For all of the products you’ll need to apply road markings, check out the section below.

Larsen Highways TLM 05

Yellow, white, red & primrose – Thermoplastic line marking offers a convenient and cost effective solution for the reinstatement of lines. TLM05 has a combination of durability, anti-skid, reflectivity & conformity to all relevant standards.

Larsen Highways HFS 15

HFS15 is a high friction surfacing patch pack, the complete, fast and cost effective solution for patching areas after maintenance. Perfect for repairs to junctions, car parks, roundabouts, cycle tracks and pedestrian areas in general. Can also be used as a high friction surface for manhole covers.

Stirling Lloyd Safetrack LM Patch Pack

This Safetrack patch pack has everything you’ll need to efficiently apply road markings. Currently, you can choose from two different products in the LM patch pack range: Durable this is a hard-wearing road marking which is good if you’re looking for a product that’s economical. Retromax We recommend purchasing Retromax if you’re looking to apply solid road marking for highways. Regardless of which product you end up choosing, both of these patch packs are UK highway agency approved and can be cold applied. This means the process is quick, simple and effective. To purchase any of these fantastic products for your next highway maintenance project, or to find out more, visit us at resapol.com.