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Product Information
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MasterEmaco T 1200 PG is a single component, fast
setting and hardening pourable repair and bedding mortar
that meets the requirements of the new European Norm EN
1504 part 3 class R4.
MasterEmaco T 1200 PG is a ready-to-use material that
contains sulphate resistant Portland cement (HSR LA),
hydraulic binders, well graded sands, specially selected
polymer fibres (PAN – polyacrylonitryl) and special
additives provide rapid strength build-up even at sub-zero
temperatures, improved durability and un-matched, low
drying shrinkage.
When mixed with water, MasterEmaco T 1200 PG forms a
mortar with a fluid or flowable consistency which can be
easily applied by hand or machine.
MasterEmaco T 1200 PG can be used in thicknesses from
10 mm up to 150 mm.

Benefits :

• Ultra rapid strength build-up.
• MasterEmaco T 1200 PG can be opened to all traffic in Just 2 hours.
• Excellent application properties
• Higher thickness possible with the addition of gravel
• Flowable or fluid consistency for ease of application.
• Can be used at sub-zero temperatures as low as -10°C.
• Very high early and final strengths.
• Excellent adhesion and excellent durability.
• Extra low shrinkage for durability.
• Minimized cracking tendency due to constrained